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Divorce Do It Yourself - How to Proceed with a Do-It-Yourself Divorce

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Divorce can be a difficult situation enough without having to worry about the extra hassle that accompanies lengthy court appearances, and expensive, high-priced legal fees. As technology has improved, the internet has opened new doors and capabilities for innovative ways to handle a divorce. If the following criteria are met for your divorce, a do it yourself separation is possible and you may file papers free of the aggravating additions and cost of a traditional divorce.

• There are no minor children involved in the divorce

• There is a modest amount of community property or incurred debt and both parties concur on how the assets and liabilities will be divided.

• The divorce is mutual

• There are no pension plans, stock options, investment ventures or retirement arrangements in place

• Neither party is involved in active military service

• There will be no request for alimony by either spouse

• No attorney or paper filings or judgments have been secured by the other spouse

• There is no imminent bankruptcy

• There is no history or legal account of abuse

While a do-it-yourself divorce has undeniable benefits and advantages compared to the time consuming, financially draining conventional divorce, this method does require some additional time devotion. Acting as a self representative requires attention to detail as this will require working alongside county clerks and local judges. Attaching some detailed research to a do it yourself divorce will help set a solid foundation with local legal representatives as it will establish a foundation that there is a desire to show respect and display proficiency in moving through the legal procedures of divorce.

Even with a do-it-yourself divorce, there may be opportunities to get an attorney to evaluate the paperwork that has been prepared. Each state requires different documents and has distinctive prerequisites, so getting a firm understanding of the diverse conditions that apply to your particular state is important in order to ensure you have all the appropriate documentation. Additionally, there are state divorce requirement lists available online.

For most do-it-yourself divorces, there are basic, essential forms that need to be filled out and filed in order to make for a successful divorce. They are as follows:

• The original Petition for Divorce

• A Financial Affidavit that shows the divorce court the fiscal agreements reached.

• An original Notice of Hearing, which shows that the judge’s clerk or family court clerk has established a date for the divorce case to be heard by a presiding judge and that the Notice of Hearing has been filed.

• Certificate of Corroborating Witness ascertains that residence requirements for the state in which the divorce is being filed have been met.

• Answer and Affidavit allows the spouse to be absent from the hearing as long as he or she acknowledges the legitimacy and legality of the do it yourself divorce. This option may not be available in all states.

• Settlement Agreement outlines the stipulations and provisions of the divorce

• Divorce Judgment of Decree is the document that finalizes the actual divorce. It is necessary for the judge to sign this concluding document. Be sure to ask for a copy of the manuscript and inquire on how to receive a certified duplicate from the court.

Do it yourself divorces normally keep the entire divorce process reasonably straightforward and can help lessen the animosity between separating spouses. Divorce, even do it yourself divorces, can be appropriate for a variety of people. Check into the requirements for divorce by checking with the family court clerk and obtain a specific list of articles and documents necessary to file for a proper divorce. From there, most documents can be acquired from reputable web sites, and many office supply stores. Remember, if you ever run into a stumbling block, or begin to have difficulty or questions completing or filing the appropriate paperwork, it is always possible to obtain a lawyer to go over the documentation and assist with any rules and regulations and red tape. The small hourly rate you may end up paying is still minute compared to the costs you may ordinarily pay getting a divorce attorney and taking the divorce to court. A do it yourself divorce can offer a plethora of time saving and money conserving benefits that would not be available in the habitually accepted divorce hearings.

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