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Santa Monica Condos - Condominiums in Santa Monica

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There are over nine thousand condominiums for sale in Santa Monica that are all mostly under one million dollars. The lowest condominium is under $400,000, and the highest is over one million dollars. The price of a condominium in Santa Monica largely depends on the area and how close to the beach the condominiums are. The closer to the beach, the more expensive the condominiums will be, and the nicer and upscale a neighborhood is, will make the price go up higher. There are studio, one, two, three, four, and five bedroom condominiums with up to six bathrooms. Beach living is what Santa Monica is all about. All of the condominiums will have a Hollywood style look to them. Some of them will even look like mansions. People will find many celebrities living in mansion like condominiums in Santa Monica and Bel Air. A person will never see run down neighborhoods in Santa Monica. Every street will have condominiums with clean and well manicured lawns. There will be every type of tree a person can imagine up and down the streets, and surrounding the condominiums themselves. There will be palm trees on every street corner. The condominiums on the beach can make a whale salivate. Size and luxury will mean everything to people who live in Santa Monica.

There are also condominiums for rent in Santa Monica that range from $1,500 to $3,600 a month. The floor plans for the condominiums will have many different looks and styles. There will be new counter tops, flooring, carpeting, ceiling fans, cabinets, appliances, dishwashers, fire places, walk in closets, covered parking, storage, laundry rooms, and balconies with great views of the ocean, Beverly Hills, and downtown Los Angeles. The amenities will include swimming pools, fitness centers, and open breakfast areas in the lobby. Many of the rentals for condominiums have sale or lease options. The condominiums also have controlled access for extra security. Most of the condominiums in Santa Monica are high rise buildings with up to four stories. Many apartment buildings have been turned into condominiums and remodeled. The condominiums are all decorated with modern designs. Santa Monica is known as the entertainment district of the world. People can see several celebrities just walking down the street and shopping in the same malls and shopping plazas, as well as eating at the same restaurants. The Santa Monica beach area is over three miles long which leads up to the city of Venice.

Santa Monica is the place that most people who live in Los Angeles want to eventually get to. People who live in other states want to move to Santa Monica more than any other place in California. Condominiums in Santa Monica were created just for this reason. The schools in Santa Monica are the best around. There is a shopping center down every street corner within walking distance from most people’s homes. There are over four hundred different restaurants to choose from, and lots of entertainment at the beach and street performers at the Third Street Promenade, every night of the week. The beach is always just a bus ride away. People choose condominiums in Santa Monica because it is the best location for every type of entertainment and corporate opportunities. It is close to freeways and bus stops, and the beach is only minutes away. It is also the most expensive place to live in California, but most people would not have it any other way. The price tag is what keeps Santa Monica one of the safest places to live.

The climate in Santa Monica is perfect all year long. The summers never get to hot, and the winters never get too cold. Santa Monica is the perfect Goldie Locks Paradigm. Everything is always just right.

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