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Suv Safety Ratings - Pay Attention to SUV Ratings

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If the crash test dummies could tell their scary stories, drivers might pay more attention to vehicle safety. Instead of focusing on leather seats and a good speaker system, maybe they would consider safety. In the U.S. each make and model of car, light truck and SUV have ratings regarding key safety issues.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and the insurance industry conduct tests accessing each vehicle with star ratings. Five is the highest rating given. In the past some cars earned a 5 star rating but SUV ratings topped out at 4. Despite improvements in the automotive industry, SUV ratings in some key areas lag behind smaller vehicles.

An important SUV rating deals with rollovers. According to Consumer Reports, about 60% percent of all deaths in SUV accidents are caused by rollovers. In comparison, only 25% of standard auto fatalities are a result of rollovers. In other words, it is important to find SUV ratings for rollovers in order to compare brand names and models.

Some SUV manufacturers are currently using technology designed to keep passengers from being thrown from the vehicle. Ford and Volvo are two of the makers who have installed side curtain air bags that inflate when the system senses a rollover.

Another significant factor in SUV ratings is weight. Many drivers seem to overlook the recommended cargo weight for SUVs. The weight is restricted for a reason. Loading too much weight in an SUV not only increases the chance for a tire blowout but also puts brakes at risk. Combined with the potential for rollovers due to the height, more cargo increases the chances for an accident.

SUV safety ratings consider the height of SUVs because it makes the vehicle top heavy. The center of gravity is higher in an SUV while it’s lower in a standard car. The extra height causes vision issues with added blind spots. It is difficult to see objects below the bumper range from some angles due to height.

Fortunately, new technology is allowing auto makers to improve SUV designs to aid in SUV safety ratings. Besides the technology to inflate side curtain air bags, manufacturers have developed and reinforced designs to make the roof stronger. All vehicles produced after 2010 must adhere to the new roof strength.

The most significant factor causing better SUV safety ratings is the new production of SUVs with a lower center of gravity. Auto makers are combining physics with on-going technology in an attempt to develop the best SUV safety ratings possible.

SUV models have a wide range of size and price. The safety ratings for SUV also vary widely. According to experts the auto industry is currently producing newly designed SUVs earning the top rating mark for safety. A few on the new models with the best SUV ratings include the Mercedes Benz, Porsche and BMW brands. Expect high price tags to match the high safety ratings in this luxury category. Other high end models with good SUV safety ratings include the Lexus GX Sport Utility and the Lincoln Navigator. Other SUV high safety ratings went to Mitsubishi Endeavor and the 2WD GMC Yukon XL also earned top rated safety scored along with Honda CR-V LX, Infiniti FX35, Mazda CX-7 and Pontiac Torrent.

When it comes to SUV safety ratings and purchasing a new SUV, each consumer needs to match individual needs with the best possible safety ratings. Read on line customer feedback and professional reviews. Talk to experts in the industry. Always ask about vehicle warranties and read all documents before signing on the dotted line.

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