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Flat Panel Monitor Mount - How to Shop For a Flat Panel Monitor Mount

wall screen pole mounts

A monitor mount for your flat screen television or monitor, such as a pole or wall mount, is the perfect solution for setting up your screen to be viewed at an optimum level. Finding the right kind of mount will depend on the size of your screen, the width, the weight, and how you intend to mount it. Wall mounts with flexible adjustment arms are convenient, and these can be typically found in the range intended for 22" to 40" screens, although bigger and smaller range mounts are available as well. Your first consideration will be the type of mount you want for your screen. Pole mounts with a base, either stationary or on wheels, are perfect for a workspace environment. You could also save your walls at home by utilizing this solution instead of drilling holes for the stud in a wall mount. However, for those who wish to mount their screens, wall mounts are available in all the typical ranges, too. Sometimes, an entertainment center is too small for the flat screen TV you’ve purchased, or you want to save space in your living room by doing away with an entertainment center altogether. This is a good reason to buy a wall mount or pole mount to install your TV screen or computer monitor onto. There are also mounts that can be set up for multiple displays, perfect for a video studio environment, for meetings, or for church.

Available online at Amazon.com and elsewhere is the VideoSecu ML520B Articulating TV Wall Mount, designed for TV monitors between 22" and 40". The screen fastens to an adjustable VESA compatible plate that gives you a 180 degree turn radius and a 15 degree tilt. This is attached to an adjustable arm that extends up to twenty inches and gives you a 15 degree turn. You can adjust the tension on the extendable arm to give you control over how easy or hard the arm moves. It mounts to the wall with a single stud and supports up to sixty-six pounds. It is compatible with TV screens with four or six-hole patterns on the back, and a screw size of between 50×50 up to 200×200. It is coated with a black powder finish and is easy to install. It retails for $99.99, or you can have it at Amazon for $39.99.

If you choose to go with a pole mount, there is the Chief KPP110B Mounting Kit. It holds a screen up to forty pounds, has a portrait and landscape side-to-side pivot with a gravity-centered self-adjustment to accommodate the weight of the TV, and is very practical. It has a single screw height adjustment and a sturdy all metal construction. Valued at $115, it is available at Amazon.com for just $74.72. Pole assemblies for the home and for portable desktop situations are available at electronics stores and office supply stores everywhere. The advantages of having a pole mount, aside from not damaging your wall, are the portability and extra flexibility afforded by having a height adjustment on the pole, whereas with wall mounts you would have to unscrew and remount the assembly to adjust the height for optimum viewing. Either solution can work for you depending on your situation, and all of these kits are affordable and of the highest quality. All the equipment you need to have your TV or computer monitor mounted in your living room, bedroom, or office can cost you less than $200 altogether. If your current setup has your TV on a stand sitting on your entertainment center, you will need to first remove the stand from your TV according to the owner’s manual that came with your set. You should not discard your stand in case you decide to use it later. Having a mount keeps you from having to put your TV high up in a corner, and gives you the flexibility to lay it flat against your wall or to bring it out from the wall at the precise angle you need for your viewing pleasure. Entertainment centers can be expensive and take up a lot more space than a simple setup with a sturdy mount. The kits described above come with all the necessary hardware to get set up right away.

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