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Learn Speak Spanish - Learning to Speak Spanish is Easy

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Anyone desiring to learn Spanish has no reason not to take the plunge. There are free and paid online classes, classes held at community centers and community colleges, immersion programs, and tapes that teach Spanish. Nearly 500 million people in the world speak Spanish. Travel becomes easier, and so does finding employment since companies are seeking Spanish-speaking employees to communicate with their growing Spanish customer base.

Why Learn Spanish

Other than the fact that one in ten United States residents speak Spanish, the world is quickly becoming multi-cultural. Spanish is the third most spoken language. It follows Mandarin Chinese and English. Spanish is the native tongue of Mexico, Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Venezuela, and Peru, incorporating more than 350 million people and 21 countries.

Further, Latin American countries are becoming important global partners, and have strong economies. More importantly, the Census Bureau anticipates the Hispanic population to increase from 38.2 million to 49.3 million people by 2015.

Learning to Speak Spanish

There are online courses that teach how to speak Spanish. Many courses focus on conversational Spanish first, as people generally want to learn how to speak Spanish to communicate with Spanish-speaking people either in their communities or because of anticipated travel.

Programs then focus on pronunciation since the Spanish language has different tones and phonetics than the English language. Spanish vowels sound different than English vowels when spoken. Spanish words sound exactly as they are spelled.

The rolling “r” is important in the Spanish language, and learning to master it can take time. It is an important part of pronunciation, but those who cannot master it can still sound like a Spanish native when speaking.

Grammar and verb conjugation are generally taught in Spanish courses as they are components of learning to speak Spanish. The proper tense construction for words is important in conversational Spanish.

Reading Spanish is taught, especially for those who are interested in international travel. Reading travel guides, maps, newspapers, and official communications are key to successful travel.

Spanish Immersion Programs

Many programs are based on the concept that people learn how to speak Spanish by immersion into the language. Classes are held only in Spanish, and learning is accomplished by not only learning how to speak, but hearing the language and gaining understanding of the spoken word. There are many language immersion programs, online and in classes, for the student of the Spanish language.

Instructional CDs

Learn to speak Spanish while traveling to work. Spanish instructional CDs are available for the person interested in learning how to speak Spanish. An individual can listen to the instructor and then repeat words, phrases, and sentences. The language is learned through repetition, and this method can be practiced anywhere as the CDs are very portable. There are flash cards that can be used to reinforce and test on words and phrases. There are many popular Spanish-speaking CD programs that people have found very successful.

Online Courses

Courses online allow the study of Spanish at an individual’s own defined pace. Online courses focus on the four basics of learning Spanish which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Spanish course instructor will monitor the student’s progress, and provides the important motivation that is critical in learning Spanish. Distance learning programs online are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

There are many online courses available, some offered at no cost, and others with fees attached to the programs. Independent schools offer courses, as well as online colleges that have classes on learning to speak Spanish as part of the curriculum offering.

Spanish Instruction Schools

Spanish schools have options for the individual wishing to learn to speak Spanish. There are immersion programs, but also programs focusing on different areas:

•Spanish for Special Purposes will focus on occupational areas, such as healthcare, technical fields, business, patient and/or customer interaction, or dealing with employees who only speak Spanish.

•Survival Spanish is for travelers who want to be able to communicate while they travel in Spanish-speaking countries.

•Spanish for Children teaches youngsters how to speak Spanish as a second language.

No matter what the reason, there are programs, schools, online courses, and individual study for the individual who is interested in learning how to speak Spanish for fun or business.

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about 2 years ago

Got to know about free Spanish learning course online...

I joined the program and its completely good..

Great tutor provided me nice sessions for Spanish learning courses over Skype and learned a lot from him resulting in improved Spanish language...

The program available on Skype is completely good for improving and learning Spanish language...

Must try this here for easy Spanish learning on Skype... http://preply.com/en/spanish-by-skype