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Ceiling Fan Hunter - Shopping For Hunter Ceiling Fans

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Hunter is a manufacturer of high-quality ceiling fans and other products to circulate and cool the air inside your home. In operation since 1886, Hunter has proven itself with ceiling fans made by traditional time-honored manufacturing methods, ensuring you value for your money. Hunter’s 20803 Low Profile III 52-Inch 5-Blade ceiling fan is perfect for a small to medium sized room, with a quiet motor and running on less than one amp. Made with low ceilings in mind, it will help you save on cooling costs when it gets hot, allowing you to run your air conditioner less. You can reverse its motion to warm your home when it gets cold, saving on your heating bill as well. It boasts a stable mount and is easy to install. It measures 52 inches across, and is available for $120 or less. For higher ceilings, there’s the Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze 52-Inch 5-Blade ceiling fan, with the quiet Whisper Wind Motor, easy 3-position mounting system, and white with bleached oak blades for a fantastic decor. It comes with a three inch downrod for especially high ceilings. It is energy star rated and runs on sixty-six watts, available for $100. A step up from these models in the 23723 52-Inch 5-Minute ceiling fan, complete with a modern look, a quiet motor and a bowl light with included light fixtures. Easy to install with instructions, the fan itself runs on sixty watts and has a bronze finish with dark cherry or maple stained oak blades. It gets its name from the easy 5 minute assembly time required, having been ninety percent pre-assembled in the factory. It comes with an EZ Hang mounting system and Easy Lock blades. This fan is perfect for larger rooms, and can be hung on high or low ceilings. It has three settings and a convenient pull chain.

Hunter’s old-world, 19th century traditions combine with modern technology to make a product of superior excellence, with a commitment to quality for over a hundred and twenty years. When you buy a Hunter fan, you are saving on your energy costs while reducing reliance on chemical-based air conditioning systems, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener and healthier planet. These fans are affordable, simple to install, and stylish, with many models featuring switchable blades that allow you to install custom blades that match your room’s decor. To maximize efficiency, you can outfit your entire house with fans that are appropriate to the size of each room and the height of each room’s ceiling. You can set your thermostat as high as eighty-two degrees and run your fans without sacrificing comfort during the summer months. This can give you a savings of thousands of dollars over the life of your ceiling fans, and these fans are designed to last a lifetime. The patented Whisper Wind motors on Hunter fans are designed to remain quiet even after years of use, and they come equipped with Anti-Vibration technology, giving you a fan that won’t wobble or squeak. These motors also come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects for five years, guaranteeing you get your money’s worth in quality. The mounting systems that these fans come with have been engineered to be easy and safe, giving you a no-hassle operation from the first day and years of use without having to make adjustments. Installing one of these fans in your bathroom will make it possible for you to use your bathroom’s ventilation system less, reducing your electricity costs even more. Hunter ceiling fans have been in use since the early days of electricity, before air conditioning came into common use, and have been proven time and again to outperform other brands that do not assemble their fans’ components with the same care, dedication, and thoughtful engineering that Hunter does. If you’ve been looking for a low-cost, reliable way to reduce your electric bill each month, Hunter fans are a step in the right direction, and you’ll be protecting our earth’s valuable resources at the same time. These fans also add to the presentation of the rooms in your house, making them a smart investment for when it’s time to remodel your home for sale or rental.

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