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Background Criminal Check - How a background criminal check can change your life

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In 2007, 11 million U.S. crimes, ranging from property crime to violent crime, were reported to officials. Crime in the U.S. has escalated since 1964 by 350%. Although the U.S. comprises an estimated 5% of the total global population, the U.S. is the leading contributor to the global prison population. Those incarcerated in the U.S. comprise 25% of the global prison population. In 2006, the U.S. set a world record with 7.7 million people in prison, on probation or parole. The prison population numbered 2.2 million. The People’s Republic of China ranked second in the number of people incarcerated, 1.7 million.

When times are tough, it becomes no surprise that crime goes up. Desperate times can lull people into less than stellar conduct. Nowadays, it still may come as a surprise when someone out of the ordinary falls into petty behavior, such as petty crime. In fact, research by the American Sociological Association indicated that educated college males were more likely to commit property crime during college years versus their less educated peers not attending college. Statistics indicate that the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime decreases with increased age and income. However, the risk of victimization by property crime, such as theft, increases with age.

It used to be that a person’s background was difficult to unearth, particularly without pertinent personal data such as full name, date of birth, social security number, height, weight and other types of data. The internet has emerged as a fountain of all things ridiculous, and a source of vast information about anything and anyone. For inexpensive amounts of money, a person can discover criminal public records at the click of a button.

Formerly, good quality employers would run background checks on prospective staff, especially if the particular employment position was sensitive. Those employed in accounting, finance, counseling, health care, human resources, and certain government or military positions, were routinely screened. A person’s background was checked for not only criminal public records but financial records. Perhaps a bank or similar business might run a credit check to determine a prospect’s financial health and behaviors to determine suitability as a business risk.

Consumers now have the luxury once only afforded to businesses and government. They can also search criminal public records. People no longer need the expertise of private investigators to find out about whoever piques their interest. It’s also inexpensive. Rather than pay for an investigator to dig up the background of someone to see if skeletons exist outside of Halloween, a person can spend less than ten minutes and less than the cost of the average pair of shoes.

Given the ease and low expense involved in checking someone out, it makes more sense than ever before to take advantage of background checking options. Before you rent out your home to a particular tenant, you might be interested to know that perhaps the tenant is unsavory in some way that rubs you the wrong way. This same person might not be someone you would want to share your home with, should you be in the market for a roommate. In tough economic times, people are looking to cut corners, but a roommate with a criminal background may be a critical detail that person neglects to mention.

On a more personal note, the person you met and started dating might not be who they’re pretending to be. Should you date that person, or move in with them, discovering their background after such disclosure might be shocking to say the least, but devastating in its repercussions once you’ve become attached. “Better safe than sorry” is nothing to apologize about. Should you get involved, engaged or even marry someone with a criminal background check, the chances are, and you might’ve prevented such an awful scenario had you merely spent a little time and a little money to save yourself from a life changing discovery. A criminal background check can change your life for the better. Hindsight is a risky trial and error default approach that, given crime statistics, may cost more than you are willing to lose.

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