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Psc Barcode Scanner - Reasons to Have a PSC Barcode Scanner

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Barcode scanners are essential items for most businesses. Warehouses use them to check stock in and out, distribution centers use them for sorting, stores use them for checkout, and in factories, they are used for parts verification. Shipping companies use barcodes and scanners to track packages and to allow customers to do the same. Barcodes simplify the process of keeping track of operations by computer, saving thousands of man-hours that would otherwise be required to manually enter codes and data into the computer. Small businesses that are expanding should consider switching to a barcode system to expedite the process of doing business everyday and to allow you to get more done in a shorter amount of time. Typically, handheld wireless scanners are used by workers in distribution facilities to locate products on shelves and send them to the appropriate customer. At the checkout, stationary or counter scanners are used to total items being purchased, or handsets with a short cord are used.

For warehouse and distribution purposes, the PSC QS6000 Plus Scanner is a smart option for the catalog or inventory departments. It has a fast high-pass read rate and performs well at scanning error-free the first time, allowing for quicker work. It features a high-visibility 650nm laser diode and can read labels in bright lighting conditions, or labels with poor contrast. It operates via a USB cable and has an onboard keyboard. This product is available from Barcodes Inc. A great scanner for retail environments is the PSCQS6500BT Scanner, with onboard Bluetooth technology and performance up to 450 scans per second. It is operable from up to thirty-three feet from its base, and utilizes the latest in data capture technology. This would also make an excellent scanner for light inventory applications, shipping companies, and office environments. It is available for as low as $242.10 from barcodesinc.com. Many PSC barcode scanners are plug-and-play, making setup a breeze. There are options and features available on some models that allow users to alter date before it reaches the destination hard-drive, and most come with stands for easy, hands-free use. These models are great for the checkout line at retail stores. For heavy-duty retail and distribution environments where performance and reliability count the most, there is the PSC Magellan 1400i Barcode Scanner. This one packs a lot of power and performance into a small package, letting you read labels from far away and labels that are hard to read, and is great for close-up applications as well. Its small design saves on counter space at the store, while in an industrial facility, it allows workers to go fast when choosing from a pick list, giving customer service a big boost.

PSC scanners are made by Datalogic, a leader in the data capture industry. Having been around since 1969, PSC Inc. acquired Spectra-Physics Scanning Systems in 1996, who produced the first UPC barcode scanners. They are among the best in quality and performance in tracking inventory and finished goods, allowing thousands of businesses worldwide to expedite the process of moving goods from production to warehouse, to distribution, to the stores, and get their products into the hands of the paying customers that much quicker. PSC Inc. was acquired by Datalogic in 2005, and scanners for retail and distribution continue to be an integral part of what they produce for the data capture industry. Businesses of all sizes, both global and domestic, utilize PSC barcode scanners to produce accurate inventory data for their stores and warehouses, making pick lists and sorting a smooth operation around the clock. At today’s speed of business, companies need to be able to rely on their equipment to function and to work well in order to meet deadlines and customer demands. Datalogic continues to adhere to the standards set by PSC Inc. and Spectra-Physics Scanning Systems, and with respect to the legacy of these two companies, they continue to promote the PSC brand, assuring you quality and the best performance possible for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. PSC barcode scanners outperform other handheld scanners second to none, and they are affordably priced to put them in the hands of businesses of all sizes and budgets.

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