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Degree Information Technology - Is an Information Technology Degree Right for You?

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With computers becoming more and more ubiquitous in the professional world, businesses both big and small are seeking to hire those with some background experience with technology. This fact has made earning a degree in information technology one of the most popular degree programs among college students. An information technology degree will open up career opportunities in many lucrative industries to students by providing them with the basic skill sets needed to succeed in their chosen field.

In an information technology degree program, students will learn about the many aspects of the larger discipline known as computer science. The specific areas of study will typically include network administration, programming, databases, operating systems, as wells as hardware and software components. Related disciplines include computer science, information systems, and telecommunications management. Areas of study can vary from school to school, but will generally focus on these areas. An Information technology degree can be earned from most traditional four-year colleges, as well as from schools that offer online programs. Some two-year schools also offer similar but condensed programs. There are certificate programs that can be completed in a shorter amount of time. The choice is ultimately up to the individual student.

While the areas of study are diverse, an information technology degree program will normally focus on understanding security for information systems, developing programming skills, and project administration, among other disciplines. For students seeking advanced education in this field of study, many schools offer master’s and doctorate-level degree programs for Information Technology.

Those entering the workforce with a degree in information technology will have many career paths to choose from, as almost all businesses need employees who specialize in computer systems. Typical responsibilities involve database administration, software development, information security, website development, project management, and computer networking. This can vary from industry to industry, of course, but these basic responsibilities are fairly common throughout the professional world. IT professionals may choose to specialize in a particular area, such as administration, troubleshooting/support and repair, or programming. However, smaller companies often seek IT staff capable of handling a broader selection of responsibilities.

Specific job titles can include Operating Systems Programmer, Technology Consultant, Software Tester, PC Support Specialist, Data Security Analyst, and Web Master. Job responsibilities can include assisting other employees IT problems, helping businesses choose the right software and technology, as well as demonstrating how to utilize it properly. Additionally, a degree in information technology is a perfect starting point for those wishing to build their own technology-oriented businesses, whether it is software development or another industry. Salaries vary greatly from business to business. For example, computer systems analysts can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $93,000, while computer systems designers have an average salary of $78,730 per year.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the many careers available. If you are particularly talented in the field of computers, or desire to one day work in the ever-growing industry of information technology, then earning a degree in information technology is something to consider.

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