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Brown Leather Handbags - Options for Brown Leather Handbags

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No matter what one’s budget, there are many different options for brown leather handbags. Some of them, like the ones from Ellen Tracy, are very nice and can cost hundreds of dollars; others, like the ones from Amerileather, are less expensive, costing less than fifty dollars. Brown leather handbags can differ quite a lot in dimensions, with some being larger bags for taking on trips and others being smaller and more ideal for nights out on the town. While price does not equal a higher quality, not all the time, there are varying levels of bags for those who want them to see a lot of use and those who will only carry them once and a while.

Ellen Tracy makes brown leather handbags, one of which is the Carina. With its braided trim, this bag is sure to attract eyes and add style to any outfit. The rings on the outside, one on the front and one on the back, are also braided in the same style as the trim; these look perfect against the chestnut brown leather that makes up the bag. The strap is 9.5 inches, so this is a bag that will be held close to one’s body.

Amerileather makes brown leather handbags as well, and one of them, the Junior Julia, is made from recycled leather. This is an environmentally friendly way to make a bag, with the result being that one will never have to feel guilty carrying it around. The bag looks very unique, with a tapestry of small leather pieces all woven together to form the bag; the aim when Amerileather designed the bag was to create a bag that looked like it was covered with leaves, and that effect has been captured beautifully.

For a bag with a price right between those two, at under two hundred dollars, one could look at the Nicole Hobo Handbag from Ellington. This bag is made of Italian leather and has a large interior for carrying anything one may want. It works well for any purpose, from a trip to the bank to a vacation across the country. This bag, and the other brown leather handbags from Ellington, boast a very high-quality construction that will not come apart if it sees some use and accidental misuse. The metal rings look perfect, silver against the brown of the bag, and they are heavy enough never to break.

Some brown leather handbags work well as purses, and are smaller, more compact, and have space only for money, cards, and other essentials. These can be found at stores everywhere, and often cost under fifty dollars. They are a very economical way to have a stylish bag. They are not as fancy, but are made in a minimalist fashion that maximizes what little space the bags have. They are not heavy and inconvenient, though, and work perfectly for going out to eat or out to the bar.

Other brown leather handbags have been designed to fit a certain style that is usually not applied to bags, such as the Cowgirl bag from Sheplers. This bag has artwork on the front in red and orange, with the same western style that can be found on a pair of cowboy boots. The metal is designed to look like flowers and beads, in this same style of a cowgirl in the western United States. The downside is that these bags are sometimes not made of real leather, so one has to sacrifice a bit of quality and realism to get the unique look that one wants.

As can be seen, there are many options for brown leather handbags. Some are useful in their own right, while others are just to be used as accessories, to make outfits look better and more complete — even the ones that do not hold much will do this, making them useful as a part of the fashion world. One can find bags for all occasions and destinations. The quality of these bags is top-notch, as they are — with the exception of the Shepler’s Cowgirl bag — made of real leather that will last through many uses, even if they are not always treated as well as they should be.

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