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Bar Stools Wooden - Bar Stools, Wooden and Warm, Belong in your Home

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People are becoming more environmentally conscious, not only in the appliances and lighting in their homes, but in their furniture as well. Furniture must also be made from materials that are non-polluting and sustainable, from the living room sofa to bar stools. Wooden can answer this environmental challenge: plantation grown trees saves clear-cutting forests for wood, and new advances in paint and stain means that dangerous chemicals are not leaching into our homes’ environment.

Nothing can quite match the homeyness and warmth of things wooden. Bar stools made of wood are inviting and casual for a friends and family get-together, yet classy enough to leave out for seating at your next elegant party.

It’s amazing, the versatility of bar stools. Wooden models can be as simple as the simple round seat and three or four legs, or it can be as intricate and beautiful as the popular Double Pressback., This design features half spindles rising up from the seat, until, at mid-back range, a lovely large slat with the appearance of scroll and carving work make a lovely and inviting design.

How to choose a back for your bar stools? Wooden styles don’t make it an easy task. There are arrow backs, spindle backs, scroll backs, Cathedral backs, lattice backs, Dorrie hoops, X-backs, double X-backs, short, lumbar support backs, Captain’s Chair backs, schoolhouse backs, and they’re not finished yet. Bar stools with wooden frames that support Sumatra backs featuring gorgeous woven wood, or leather, and upholstery of all kinds make for even more variety.

It won’t be much easier choosing the seat for your bar stool. Wooden seats can be flat or contoured. They can be round or the usual seat-shaped. Saddle seats also go by the name of archer seats, and they are quite comfortable for larger persons. There are also double seats for the same purpose, or just made for two giggly little kids. Seats can be made of rattan, cane, woven straw, padded textiles, or leather or vinyl material fastened down with large, dramatic nails or studs.

Ready to choose your wooden bar stools? Not yet! There is still the wood and/or color to consider. Let’s start with the many excellent unfinished stools that can be stained to order or as a DIY project, and go from there. The types of wood available are large: pine, oak, maple, bamboo, ash, mahogany, cherry, elm, teak, beechwood, and that’s just for starters. The next question arises: what kind of finish for your bar stools? Wooden colors abound: light and dark mahogany, honey oak, fruitwood shades, ebony, and, of course, wood left in its natural color but varnished or clear-coated for shine, or satin finished for warmth. Then there’s lacquer in all its tints, and of course paint in all colors of the rainbow.

These days barstools can be used all around the house, not just your bar in the den or at your kitchen counter. One of the hottest interior decorating eating configurations is the pub or bistro table. This features a high table with two, four, six, or more barstools for seating. This set-up is ideal for couples, families with older kids, where eat-and-run is the order of the day. This style is also a positive boon for people with back, hip, or knee problems, where getting up and down out of a regular-height chair is problematic.

Barstools give any area a look that is eclectic and a little hip. Musicians, whether their instrument is a guitar, flute, or accordion find playing less tiring and reading music on a stand easier, in whatever room in which they play. Artists of all kinds enjoy the freedom of barstools as well. In fact, anyone whose job, hobby, or passion finds them getting up and sitting down frequently will find that a barstool fits them to a T.

Anyone who wants to freshen up the look of their homes can find a few barstools of wood, in den, deck, living room, dining room, or wherever, will do the job in an economical and eclectic way. Bring the feelings of warmth, companionship, and style into your home with your choice out of the literally thousands of styles of barstools to be found all over the Internet.

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