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Chicago Night Clubs - A Guide to Chicago Nightclubs

west park bar venue

Chicago is one of America’s most interesting cities due to its rich history, diverse population, and exciting nightlife. Some nightclub enthusiasts consider Chicago to be more enjoyable than New York, Los Angeles, or Miami for those looking for a fun night on the town. Clubs often stay open until 4:00 am on weekdays and 5:00 am or so on Friday and Saturday nights. With hundreds of clubs to choose from, Chicago offers a nightlife option for everyone.

For those searching for exclusivity and stylish surroundings, Chicago is home to several fashionable A-list nightclubs that are sure to satisfy. Crobar on North Kingsbury certainly meets this description. It is the original incarnation of this club, which is now a hot spot in several other American cities, as well. Crobar was opened in 1992 by Callin Fortis and Ken Smith, two men who were determined to keep the club fresh over time despite the typical nightclub shelf life of just a few years.

When Fortis and Smith opened Crobar in the early nineties, it was on the cutting edge of the underground house movement. It has continued to evolve at the forefront of the industry over the years. Today, it is a sophisticated, upscale nightclub offering a plush and comfortable environment. Some consider Crobar Chicago to be the best party in the whole country.

Spybar on North Franklin Street is another club that falls into the category of fashionable and exclusive. It is extremely intimate and highly in demand. Therefore, in order to enjoy Spybar’s unique atmosphere, one must arrive very early or reserve a table well ahead of time. The environment at Spybar is contemporary and fashionable. The club was designed by Rocco Laudizio of Slick Design, lending it his patented cutting edge, modern look. Spybar features a range of music and DJs, and the dance floor is always lively and fun. It is the perfect spot for those who enjoy a fresh, intimate atmosphere.

For those interested in a slightly more accessible dance party, Smart Bar is a great fit. Located on North Clark Street since 1982, Smart Bar has always been a music-centric venue. Owner Joe Shanahan immediately made the club a showcase for a variety of new musical acts upon its opening in the eighties.

As time went on, Smart Bar became a venue for upcoming DJs and industrial artists such as DJ Frankie Knuckles and Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor. True to form, Smart Bar remains on the cutting edge of dance music today. This is the spot to check out new and upcoming DJs and musical trends in a fun, unpretentious atmosphere.

For concerts, events, parties, and meetings, Park West is Chicago’s preferred nightclub and lounge. The city’s most stylish young people and most successful corporations alike find extensive uses for this historic venue. Located on West Armitage, Park West was opened in the 1920s as a theater. Later, it became Chicago’s premier movie house under the name Chicago Town Theater. It was a central point of the Chicago entertainment industry throughout the twentieth century.

Today, Park West is home to some of the hottest musical acts of our time. An extensive list of concerts is posted each month, offering opportunities to see some of the nation’s best bands and artists live at Park West. Aside from music shows, the club is host to an array of activities. Private parties and benefits are commonly held in the plush lounges. Corporations are fond of holding board meetings and company events at this venue, as well. Fashion shows, cocktail parties, and countless other events take place within the walls of Park West. It is a historic site with a staff that is eager to make any event a success.

These are just a few of the nightclubs Chicago has to offer. The city is home to several unique districts with distinct flavors and personalities, all of which are brimming with nightlife opportunities. Whether one is interested in cavorting with the stars, dancing the night away, rocking out to a new band, or soaking up an ultra-hip environment, he will find numerous satisfactory options in the Windy City. Hundreds of nightclubs offer thousands of unique opportunities, making Chicago one of the world’s best party towns.

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