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Analog Digital Watches - A Great Selection of Men's Analog Digital Watches

black band features time

If you like the look of an analog watch but prefer the convenience of digital, you can enjoy both by selecting an analog digital watch. These watches also make great gifts if you have a man in your life whThey are available in many styles to suit a variety of tastes. Here are a few popular analog digital watches to consider.

The Electro-Luminescent analog digital watch from Casio is a sport watch with a black face and silver metal watchband. The day of the week is displayed digitally above the hands and the time appears with the hour to the left and minutes to the right of the hands. This watch can display the time in 28 cities around the world and has a timer, stopwatch and four alarms. It is also water resistant up to 330 feet.

The Timex Expedition is one of the many analog digital watches that features a bold face with large numbers. The face is black with white numbers that are easy to see and read. The digital display curves around the bottom part of the face in the space where the numbers five to seven should be. The watch has a wide silver-colored bezel with the seconds printed on it in five-second increments. You can set the analog and digital times the same or set them to two separate time zones. This watch has an alarm, stopwatch, indiglo nite-lite and black leather band. It is water resistant.

If you want a watch that will get noticed, the Sonar analog digital watch from Diesel will certainly do the job. It features a large square case on a black leather band. The case has one large face and two small ones that can all be set to different time zones.

Going back to more traditional-looking analog digital watches, there is the men’s diver watch from Casio. This watch has a black face with large triangles and dots to indicate the hours. The seconds are marked at 10-second intervals around the outside of the face, which is surrounded by a silvertone bezel and case. The band is made from black resin and there is a stopwatch and an alarm. This watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

One of the more distinctive-looking analog digital watches is the men’s silvertone watch from U.S. Polo. This watch has a black rubber band with two thin strips of metal extending down the band from above and below the watch. The silvertone case is partly covered by the rubber watchband but the four corners of the case show through. The face of the watch is black and it has a large 3, 6, 9 and 12 with bold lines in between to mark off the other hours. There are three circles to the left, right and below the hands that each have a different type of digital display.

Regardless of your taste in watches, one of the many styles of men’s analog digital watches is sure to appeal to you. Take a look and see if you can find a watch that features the traditional look of an analog watch combined with the convenience and features of digital.

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