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Fax Answering Machines - Best Features of Fax Answering Machines

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Technology is all about convenience and saving time. Good technology helps us to do a better job, faster. Technology revolutionizes industry, and industry dictates lifestyles. Many features that we look into today’s gadgets are the capability to multitask. We like gadgets and products that can save us time and money by doing many tasks at once. It also saves space, especially in cities, where space is at a prime in places like apartments and small offices. Multi-tasking products are here to stay since we have become multi-taskers ourselves. In a sense, these products become an extension of our busy lifestyles. Many people cannot imagine their lives without the convenience of these products. Fax answering machines fall into this category of convenient technology. Some of the best features of fax answering machines have revolutionized the way we communicate and send messages or share information.

One great feature of fax answering machines is the compact design. It becomes the staple in the office, and is perfect for the multi-tasker who wants to do things fast, but with productivity and quality in mind. A compact design is perfect for small offices or workspace, and it saves time and money. It reduces the need for extensions and cables everywhere. Some models have capability for a second line. A combo phone/fax/ answering machine/copier/printer is like having a small office into a compact unit; it is also perfect for small businesses. It saves money on supplies such as ink and paper, as well – no need to buy these for multiple machines.

Other features that are convenient are mailboxes; some fax answering machines have 32 mailboxes or more. Whether for home or office this feature is great, especially for a large family. The capability of each mailbox for holding recorded messages is also important. Many of these machines can handle up to 40 minutes of recording per mailbox.

Most of the fax answering machines have the capability of remote message retrieval. Perfect if you work outside the home or office, and even for when you go on vacation and want to check your messages. Messages are date/time stamped.

Caller ID and call waiting is another great feature that lets you see who call, the number, and be able to call them back. Call waiting lets you know of an incoming call, and lets your call go through by ringing when the busy number you called becomes available.

Variable speed of playback messages is convenient when you just want to go fast through some messages that are not so important.

Many fax answering machines have a feature called auto-disconnect, which lets the machine to stop recording when you pick up the phone to answer the call.

A great feature is message transfer – for transferring messages to another mailbox number.

Many fax answering machines have room monitor, a feature that makes possible know what is going on in a room when you are not present.

Other features include fast transmission speed, great resolution, integrated memory, automatic document feeder, document scanner, multi-copying capabilities, size adjustment, and wireless and computer capability.

Many of these machines have a power backup in case of power outage, so messages and faxes are not lost, a very important feature.

As for any electronic equipment, these machines come with an easy to follow instruction manual, and a warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

Many good brands carry this product such as Panasonic, Brother, AT&T, Stanley-Bostitch, and others. Pricing is affordable in the hundreds depending on brand and features. As the technology has become popular and widely used in households and businesses, prices have come down considerably and the design has become more compact, compared to the early models.

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