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White Gold Cross Pendant - Finding the Perfect White Gold Cross Pendant

diamonds plain type style

A white gold cross pendant is a great way to express your faith without saying a word. There are many different styles available, from the plain and simple to the elaborate. No matter what your taste in jewelry, you can find a white gold cross pendant that you’ll enjoy wearing to church or anywhere. Here are a few great designs to choose from.

The simplest form of white gold cross pendant is just a plain cross with a bail that you can string your chain through. Most plain cross pendants are around one inch tall, but you can also find them in larger sizes. Some come with their own chains, while others are sold separately. You can either buy a special chain for your cross pendant or use one you already have. You can buy a plain white gold cross pendant for around $80 to $200.

Another style of white gold cross pendant is the type that has tiny gemstones laid inside the outline of the cross. The gemstones can be any type, but the most commonly used type of gem is the diamond. Many of these crosses are very small, so even with several tiny diamonds lining the inside part of the cross, the total weight might not exceed around 1/8 carat.

Some of the fancier white gold crosses are styled to flare outward at the points in a design that resembles the top part of a fleur de lis. These white gold cross pendants may also be decorated with gemstones such as diamonds and some feature intricate openwork in the style of the cross itself.

A diamond-encrusted white gold cross pendant is completely covered in diamonds, to the point that you can’t really see any of the gold except for the prongs that are holding the diamonds in place. These pendants can be made in a plain cross shape, but most have larger tips and extra diamonds around the center of the cross.

For an extremely feminine look, choose a white gold cross pendant that is formed in a series of loops, giving it a rounded look. This style of cross pendant may also have diamonds, especially in the top part of the loops, and often features a rosette of some other type of gemstone in the center.

No matter what type of jewelry you like to wear, you should be able to find a white gold cross pendant that appeals to you and fits with your budget as well. If diamonds are out of your price range, you can often find a pendant in a similar style made with cubic zirconia for the budget-conscious.

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