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Baby Convertible Crib - A Crib That Matures With Your Child

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Most items that you will buy for your infant, they will outgrow in a matter of a year. A new popular way to get more use out of your money is by choosing a convertible baby crib. A convertible baby crib, also known as a two-in-one or a three-in-one crib, is built so that when your child has outgrown their crib, you can convert the crib into a toddler bed. Some convertible cribs also give you the option to make the transition from a toddler bed to a twin or day bed. Depending on the brand of crib, choosing a convertible baby crib can save someone anywhere between sixty to three or four-hundred dollars.

When choosing a convertible baby crib you, one will also be concerned about safety. According to a recent recall study from Parents.com, only two of the forty-seven crib recalls in 2010 were convertible cribs. Also, out of the two that in fact were recalled due to safety, neither of them were popular name brands. One of these brands being a fairly new one and one of these brands being sold of only few local-area boutiques, there were no fatalities. That being said, some of the safest brands in the baby furniture industry are making convertible baby cribs. To make the transition from crib to toddler bed in a convertible bed, the process can be quite simple. In fact, you may even be putting less energy into converting this crib than you would to assembling a toddler, twin or day bed. Most brands include simple and easy to follow instructions and only require a basic wrench to complete the task. Some cribs however, either include or require purchase of custom tool designed solely for the task of making the crib conversion. If the crib requires purchase of a tool or extra piece to make this conversion, or the piece is lost, it is simple and inexpensive to get these items. A helpful tip to a parent who purchases a convertible crib is be sure to keep the instruction manual, tools and parts of the cribs in safe and easy to remember place. Overall, purchasing a convertible baby crib is a frugal, safe and simple choice to make. This is an idea that is becoming quite popular because more and more parents are discovering the saving and simplicity of choosing a crib and bed that transition with their child as they are making great transitions themselves when growing.
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