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At T Internet - AT T IPTV Internet Service

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The title, “AT T IPTV Internet Service” is intentionally misspelled. AT&T’s company name is commonly misspelled by the average American as “AT T.”

Now, as many of you have no doubt heard, there are many difficulties with the AT&T internet services, one of the biggest being the IPTV service that they have tried implementing into American homes.
The entire U-Verse network is actually a fiber & copper mix (or hybrid, if you want to call it that), which pulls fibers a maximum of 5,000 feet from the house that they serve, at which point they connect to what are called Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers, or DSLAMs. From there copper is run the last mile to the home it is serving.
AT&T’s internet service is therefore a deal in comparison to Verizon’s $20 billion dollar build of fiber all the way to the homes of their customers.
You see, while AT&T’s hybrid fiber/copper method gives the consumers 20Mbps+ link, which is enough to give VoIP, IPTV and high-speed internet services to the customers, the approach contains some problems as well.
The main issue with this method is that most towns won’t grant AT&T rights to deploy boxes called “52Bs” into the area, which are nothing more than heavy, ugly looking boxes with cooling units and such inside the casing. As a result many towns required AT&T to sign video franchise agreements before planting these boxes in the towns. Cable providers thought that AT&T should have to partner with them (“them” being the cable providers) and make the IPTV service a part of the cable plans, thereby forcing AT&T to abide by the same build-out rules that drastically affected the U-Verse deployment. Not only this, but the IPTV service uses proprietary set-top boxes provided by Microsoft, which share their own set of issues mostly related to the software they’re equipped with.
Later released in 2007 were newer, more efficient technologies than what weren’t readily available to IPTV providers before that time. With the release of technologies from companies like DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) in 2007, companies such as AT&T were able to improve some aspects of their TV service.
These were then investigated by other IPTV providers both in America and everywhere else in the world. Therefore several new employments using this technology were announced in 2007.
Whether or not the IPTV service is worth investing in so far in the future is something I would not be able to lend a word or two on, as I am no longer with AT&T for any of my technological needs.

I hope this was of some assistance to you all!

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