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Firewire 800 Hard Drive - Get a Firewire 800 Hard Drive for Faster Speeds

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One of the most precious commodities for computer users is hard drive storage space. This is particularly true if you use your computer for a large amount of your entertainment. When a computer is used as an entertainment center, then a large amount of hard drive storage space becomes necessary in order to adequately store all of your music, movies, television shows, and other media. The drawback of storing a lot of music and movies on your hard drive is that these generally require a tremendous amount of hard drive space. A single movie file can easily exceed 1 GB. Newer high-definition movie files are even larger than this. It doesn’t take too many movie files to fill up most standard hard drives. Once your hard drive is filled up, you will face the inconvenience of being forced to decide which of your movies to delete every single time you want to watch a new one. If you want to store a large amount of music or movies, then an external hard drive is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, there are so many external hard drives on the market that it is difficult to determine which are good and which are merely mediocre. Many computer users have determined that the best and most reliable external hard drive is the Firewire 800 hard drive. Let’s take a closer look at this particular hard drive to see if it is the right one for you.

The Firewire 800 standard was developed by Apple in order to compete with the more popular USB technology. Typically, Apple only likes to use the absolute best technology on their computers, and they were not particularly impressed by the current state of USB technology. One of the main reasons for their dissatisfaction with USB technology was that it was rather slow for transferring data. The speed of transfer is a particularly important factor to consider when it comes to hard drives. When you use a slow-transfer technology like USB for your hard drive, you will continuously experience a large amount of frustration as you are forced to wait for your computer and your external hard drive to complete the transfer process.

This problem is exacerbated when you are trying to watch a movie file that has been stored on your external hard drive. You might select the movie that you want to watch, but then you must wait several minutes before the movie has been transferred from the external hard drive to your computer. If you are entertaining guests, then they will undoubtedly be bored by the time your media player actually loads and begins playing your movie. If your computer is streaming the movie from your external hard drive to your media players, then you may experience a disruption every few minutes when your computer is forced to re-buffer your movie file.

All these problems vanish when you use a Firewire 800 hard drive. Firewire 800 supports data transfer speeds of up to 3200 Mbit/s. This is an extremely fast rate of transfer. When you use a Firewire 800 hard drive, all of the inconvenient waiting that is normally associated with the typical hard drive is eliminated. Even if you need to transfer a high-definition movie from your hard drive to your computer, it will only take a second or two. If you need to stream videos or music files from your hard drive to your media player, then you will never need to experience another interruption as your files re-buffer.

A Firewire 800 hard drive is the only rational choice if you currently own an Apple computer or a computer with a Firewire 800 port. Unfortunately, not all computers come with a Firewire 800 port. Typically, the computer manufacturers have determined that they can save a few dollars by eliminating this port from their products. This is great since it keeps costs down, but it is a hurdle for people who want to purchase a Firewire 800 hard drive. Luckily, there are solutions to this. One solution is to obtain a Firewire 800 to USB adapter. This will allow you to utilize a Firewire 800 hard drive with your existing USB port. Another solution is to physically install the Firewire 800 port yourself.

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