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Alarm Clock Nature Sounds - The Therapeutic Benefits of Alarm Clocks with Nature Sounds

sleep equipped natural rain

Our fast-paced society has left most of us stressed and exhausted even after seven or eight hours of sleep. Most people require a daily “wake up call” of some sort. An alarm clock with nature sounds has been proven to be one of the best ways to rise to meet a new day.

Our physical, emotional and mental well being can all be affected by sound. Soft music or natural sounds such as wind, waves or rain can gently lull us into deep stages of relaxation or sleep. Being startled awake by the sound of a loud ringing bell or an incessant beeping sound can cause us to begin our day in a state of fear or panic causing our heart to race and our blood pressure to rise. On the other hand, a calm, soothing sound will allow us to begin the day in a calm and tranquil manner.

Sound therapy can promote ear and brain health through stimulation of the auditory pathways and the brain. It can enhance auditory processing and hearing as well as reducing insomnia, fatigue and stress. Patients with tinnitus have noticed outstanding relief while listening to natural sounds. These sounds can even improve academic performance, balance and dizziness. Many have noticed the feeling their brain is sharper and they can communicate better with friends and family when using an alarm clock equipped with these sounds.

Numerous sounds are available on these clocks. Most frequent are sounds such as white noise, crickets chirping, ocean surf, birds singing, babbling brooks and gentle rain falling. There are also some less common sounds available such as the north woods, tropical forest or undersea sounds.

These alarm clocks are certainly not limited to waking us up in the morning. Some nature sounds are great to use during gentle exercise or while practicing such routines as Tai Chi. Prayer or meditation can also be enhanced when hearing natural sounds in the background.

There are several varieties of alarm clocks with nature sounds on the market. Many are affordably priced, have attractive styling and take up little space on your bedside table. They come in a myriad of colors, sizes and shapes. Some are small enough to easily carry with you on a business trip or vacation. Many of these clocks are also equipped with a radio, snooze option, sleep timer, or built-in calendar. There are even those that are equipped with increasing light, aromatherapy options and display the room and outdoor temperatures.

Sounds of crickets chirping, waves rushing ashore or birds singing can remind you of a vacation you took to the country or beach. If you love going to sleep with the sound of a storm outside, the noise of gently rolling thunder, wind in the trees or steady rain from your sound-equipped alarm clock can lull you to sleep just as well as the real thing. Enjoy peaceful sleep and stress-free awakening with your choice of an alarm clock with natural sounds.

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