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Bare Mineral Cosmetics - How to Select and Use Bare Mineral Cosmetics

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Mineral cosmetics can be a wonderful choice for all skin types and are great for sensitive skin. Bare mineral cosmetics are one of the most popular brands of mineral cosmetics. Knowing how to select and use bare mineral cosmetics can be the first step to a natural new look.

Bare mineral cosmetics, made by Bare Escentuals, is a common misspelling for the cosmetics line bareMinerals. Bare mineral cosmetics are all free of oils, wax, preservatives, and talc, making them gentle on the skin. The foundations are all SPF 15 to provide some daily protection from sun damage.

Bare mineral cosmetics come in a range of finishes and colors, so the first step is to select the correct foundation for your skin. The foundations are available in both the original luminous and matte finishes based on the amount of shine that you prefer.

There are five shade families to help narrow down your correct bare mineral cosmetics shade: light, medium, tan, dark, and deep. Within each family, shades are broken down into whether your skin has cool, warm, or neutral undertones.

There are twenty total shades of bare mineral cosmetics to choose from. Light skin with cool undertones tends to look pink while darker skin with cool undertones will have rosy red undertones. Warm skin has golden, yellow, or olive undertones and neutral skin falls right in the middle.

Bare mineral cosmetics blend extremely well, so the shades cover a fairly large range of shades. It is most important to decide between warm, cool, or neutral. One trick to determining whether your skin or warm or cool is to look at the veins in your arms. Cool skin tends to have blue veins while warm skin has veins that appear almost green.

Bare mineral cosmetics have their own brushes that can be purchased anywhere that the cosmetics are sold. If you already have powder brushes, any fluffy makeup brush will work well to apply bare mineral cosmetics.

Be sure that you have a good area to apply bare mineral cosmetics. The process can be messy and you will not want to work on any wood surfaces or near any delicate materials. A glass surface is a good and easy to clean choice. Begin by shaking the bare mineral cosmetics container to bring some of the powder into the top tray. Swirl the brush in the powder and swirl it again in the lid to remove any excess powder.

To apply bare mineral cosmetics to your face, start at your nose and blend out, working in small circles to blend the powder evenly into your skin. You can use a small brush or your finger to apply a little extra powder to cover blemishes or marks on your skin. Bare Mineral cosmetics are lightweight, but very good at evening out skin tone.

Bare Escentuals also has a product called mineral veil that serves as a top coat for your makeup. Apply it lightly over your foundation for an extra layer of cover. Bare mineral cosmetics are more than just foundation; they also have blushes and bronzers to work with a range of skin tones. There is a full line of eye shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, lip glosses, and brow powders. These are all gentle on the skin and the eye products are particularly great for sensitive eyes.

The eye shadows powders are all applied in the same manner as the bare mineral cosmetics foundations. Dip a small brush in eye shadow, swirl off any extra, and apply along the eye lids. The powder is very finely milled so it will not fall off or get in your eyes. The eye shadows are sold both individually and in special sets of colors for different looks, themes, or eye colors.

Bare mineral cosmetics are designed to be gentle on the skin and easily blendable. They can be found online, in Bare Escentuals stores, and in other cosmetics stores like Sephora. Applying bare mineral cosmetics will become second nature as you use the products and discover how to best blend them to accentuate your unique looks and complexion.

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almost 5 years ago

my skin is on the fair side and have very pink skin on cheeks and chin what shade can I use to offset the pink