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Ge Washing Machines - Advantages of GE Washing Machines

washer loading front space

When looking for a new washing machine, one would be smart to consider GE washing machines as a first choice. GE has been in business for many years and they are dedicated to making a quality product. They make top-loading washing machines, front-loading washing machines, stackable washing machines, and portable washing machines. These four main types should fit any home, as there will be some space in which they can be installed and used. One of the advantages of choosing GE as a company when looking to buy is that they offer all four of these options, meaning that one can use whatever room one wants as the laundry room, and buy the machine that best fits the home’s size, layout, and style.

One of the front-loading GE washing machines is the GE Profile Energy Star 4.2 IEC Cu. Ft. Colossal Capacity Frontload Washer. This machine comes in a variety of different colors, from red to white to silver. The red looks very cutting-edge, but white is still available for those who do not feel that red fits with the style of their home. The front door is a unique shape, like an inverted triangle with rounded edges, so that one can easily get clothes into the washer and will not drop them when getting them back out; the bottom point of the triangle helps one not get too many clothes at once, which can promote dropping them on the floor. There are a variety of wash cycles on the machine, including PreWash, Active Wear, and Stain Inspector; having all of these choices is another advantage that GE washing machines have over the competition. The controls feature an LED countdown, so one can easily tell when the wash is going to be finished in a dark basement, and cycle status lights.

Another of the GE washing machines, this one a top-loading machine, is the GE Profile Harmony Energy Star 4.0 IEC Cu. Ft. King-size Capacity High Efficiency Washer. As the long name implies, this washing machine is smaller than the front-loading washer that is also in the Profile series, though it still has plenty of room for washing very large loads of clothing. This washing machine is more traditional in color, coming only in white, which means it will match with almost any home and decoration style. The LED touch controls operate a variety of cleaning cycles, including Power Rinse, PreSoak, and Speed Wash. This washing machine also has the advantage of an LED cycle countdown light, as the front-loading machine does. It can handle all different colors and styles of clothing, and has soil level options of Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy; these options, for the soil levels and the clothing colors, make this an ideal washing machine for an entire family.

For the house with little space, there are stackable GE washing machines. The GE Unitized Spacemaker Washer and Gas Dryer is one such unit that is ideal for fitting into small spaces. It is approximately twenty-seven inches wide and thirty inches deep, while standing just over seventy-five inches high. The capacity is, naturally, a bit smaller than the two listed above, though it can still handle large loads. There are three different heat selections, and also three water temperature selections, so that different types of clothes can be washed in it without being damaged. With a setting for Delicates and one for Permanent Press, this washer and dryer combination can handle all clothing while not taking up an entire room to do so.

Finally, there are portable GE washing machines. The GE Space-Saving 3.1 IEC Cu. Ft. Extra-Large Capacity Stationary Washer is one such model, and comes with a stainless steel basket. It retails for about half of what a stationary washer sells for, at a bit over eight hundred dollars, but is also considerably smaller. It does have five washer cycles, including a Heavy Duty Cycle, and has status lights to let one know what cycle stage it is on.

One of the main advantages of GE washing machines is that they offer many options. If one owns a home, one will surely be able to find a washing machine to fit, both in terms of space and in terms of style.

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