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Blue Cross Louisiana - Quality Health Care with Blue Cross of Louisiana

medical insurance providing accreditation

Health care and health insurance are an integral part of everyone’s life. Making a choice among insurance providers is difficult in a changing landscape driven by new laws. Blue Cross of Louisiana should be the starting point for those seeking medical insurance, as Blue Cross has long been a leader in Louisiana and throughout the United States in providing excellent and affordable coverage.

Health care is a broad term that encompasses not only medical considerations but all aspects of maintaining good health. Blue Cross of Louisiana maintains a strong focus on all the aspects of well-being, including medical care as well as a broad range of programs to enhance healthy living. One example of the latter is the Blue Cross Louisiana 2Step, a program that helps people track their dietary behavior while providing tips on increasing physical activity. Workplace programs are also available and are effective and fun for groups of various sizes.

Still, Blue Cross Louisiana maintains its core competency where it is most needed – providing comprehensive and affordable medical coverage, as well as access to the best medical practitioners in the State. Blue Cross of Louisiana in fact received the first national accreditation granted in Louisiana for its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

This accreditation, which has been maintained for over a decade, ensures that people covered by Blue Cross Louisiana have access to the best physicians in the State at reduced cost. The PPO list is accessible by internet, allowing for searches by medical specialty or area of residence. Those who ensure with Blue Cross Louisiana are not just customers, but members of a health network that is fully accessible, and which provides news updates by mail and online.

Another achievement of note is that Blue Cross Louisiana was one of the first two Blue Cross Plans in the entire nation to receive accreditation in Case Management. This is significant as a reflection of the company’s commitment to the careful management of complex patient health problems. Quality case management assures that all aspects of medical treatment are applied and coordinated in response to serious accidents or illnesses.

One more advantage of membership in Blue Cross Louisiana is the availability of prescription medications online. Louisiana Blue Cross maintains the individual’s history of filled and pending prescriptions and known problems with allergic reactions, and sends reminders for refills that are up-coming. Beyond the individual’s personal needs, there is a searchable data base that members can use to gain knowledge of drugs that may be considered by their doctors for prescription. The data base contains information concerning medication benefits and side effects.

When considering bottom line numbers that measure an organization’s efficiency, it is notable that Blue Cross Louisiana has maintained an administrative overhead of only about 7%, That is, non-medical costs of running the company are kept o a minimum, which allows the funds from insurance premiums to be put where they are needed, which is in covering medical bills. With other outlays kept down, a full 84% of the premiums collected are put into direct medical costs.

Blue Cross of Louisiana keenly recognizes the importance of privacy in providing medical services and in maintaining information for its members and their health care needs. The professional organization responsible for accrediting medical insurance providers in the area of patient privacy (HIPAA) has recognized Blue Cross Louisiana as one of just 10 companies nationwide that excels in maintaining privacy.

Individuals and employers that are seeking affordable top quality, full service health plans should discuss available features with a Blue Cross Louisiana agent.

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