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Henckels Knife Set - Top Quality Cutlery Equals The Henckels Knife Set

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J.A. Henckels International understands the meaning of superb grade cutlery. With over one hundred years experience in cutlery manufacturing, J.A. Henckels has earned an international reputation for producing the finest quality knives in the world. The Henckels knife set is the envy of the cutlery industry, and this is why.

There are distinctive differences that affect the quality and value of a quality knife set, like the Henckels knife set. It starts with the knowledge and expertise gained through experience, do determine the appropriate grade of steel to manufacture a superior quality Henckels knife set. The process of manufacturing raw steel to make knives is a science that ultimately determines the exact characteristics needed for outstanding quality Henckels knife sets. This is the challenge mastered by Henckels unique experience in the industry that has led them to produce the finest knife set that can perform every task set before it.

Corrosion resistance and correct hardness of steel can only be accomplished through exact chemical composition and heat treating of the steel. Without this precise process, the steel will be of poor quality and an inferior knife set will be the result. A low- quality knife set will then have to be re-sharpened or replaced on a regular basis. In the last several decades “stainless steel” has emerged as the premier steel in manufacturing knife sets. Thanks to J.A. Henckels extensive research over the decades, it has emerged as the world’s leader in producing knife sets of the highest quality.

The company succeeded in producing a distinctive formula process that optimizes the correct ratio of carbon and chromium, along with proper chemical compositions to produce the finest Henckels knife set in the world. The parts of the Henckels knife set are joint less when manufactured. There is no seam between bolster and handle. This is extremely beneficial, so that bacteria can not settle in any irregularities and burs that are so common in other knife sets. The blades of the Henckels knife set are finely ground and then compressed to obtain a surface of the highest quality finish.

The handle and bolster design promote a safe and secure grip for tireless use. In addition, the Henckels knife set possesses superior cutting edge and corrosion resistance, due to it’s superior ground and polished blade that is the best in the cutlery industry. Although not recommended, the Henckels knife set is dish washer compatible.

Consider some of the Henckels knife sets like the fine edge synergy set. This Henckels knife set features a 13 or 17 piece block set (you choose) that is perfect for the home kitchen. All knives in these sets are brushed stainless steel stamped blades with soft rubber handles, and precisely hand honed edges for excellent cutting performance. All blades are made from Henckels finest quality stain-less steel and feature traditional styled handles with full tang and three rivets. If a Henckels knife set with micro serrated edges is preferred, then the ever edge plus with all of the same features as the fine edge synergy set would be an excellent choice. Prices range depending on options: $59.99 to $89.99

For the pinnacle, in a Henckels knife set consider the Henckels four star 9 piece block set. This set of knives feature one piece forged blades using Henckels superior forging process and friodur ice harden for a cutting edge and proper balance that can not be beat. The set is made with high carbon no-stain steel blades and a full rat-tail tang. Dish- washer safe, but not recommended. Price range depending on options: $199.95 to $229.99

For those who insist on top quality cutlery, then only the Henckels knife set will do.

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