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First Alert Smoke Alarm - Why Choose a First Alert Smoke Alarm?

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First Alert is one of the most trusted names in home security and safety products, which is why their smoke detectors are number one. For the child’s bedroom, the master bedroom, the kitchen, and the laundry room, fire and smoke alert systems are very important to protecting the safety of your family and belongings. Older models have been hardwired into the house, but these new smoke detectors run on a ten year lithium battery, ensuring you have around the clock protection from not only fires, but also carbon monoxide and gas leaks. Regular testing is recommended but not required with these models. A first alert smoke alarm has up-to-date technology to sense even light levels of smoke from a long distance. Many fire insurance coverage plans allow you a discount for putting smoke alarms in your house, and you benefit from the added protection. People who do a lot of cooking or smoke in the house increase the risk of a house fire to some degree, giving you all the more reason to invest in smoke detectors to protect your home from fires caused by accident, negligence, or natural cause. The First Alert SA10 YRCL 10-Year Lithium Power smoke detector is one of the best models they have. It has a silencer, a test mode, and an 85-decibel alarm. Perfect for a child’s room or your kitchen, it will easily alert the whole house if there is a problem. It has a special activation switch that prevents you from mounting it to the wall until it’s been activated, so you know that it’s working when you install it. It also provides excellent carbon monoxide detection. In a similar product line, First Alert offers the CO615 Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm. It has an easy to read digital display and a convenient battery backup. It has an extremely accurate state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detector using electrochemical detection technology. It runs on one 9-volt battery, included, and comes with a 5 year limited warranty against defects. The back-lit display gives you an accurate reading of carbon monoxide levels in your home at all times in parts per million, and has a three chirp alarm that alerts you when the unit’s life has expired, letting you know when it needs to be replaced. It retails for about $35 to $50, an excellent value for your money.

The First Alert SA302CN Double Sensor Battery-Powered smoke and fire alarm lets you know when carbon monoxide in your home has reached an unsafe level. This particular model has an intelligent-sensing alarm that helps to reduce false alarms, and has onboard dual sensing ionization coupled with photoelectric detection for the most accurate fire and carbon monoxide detection available. Its 9-volt battery is encased in an easy-access compartment that you can open without taking it down from the wall. It has a remote control for convenient testing and silencing functions. This unit is available in a price range of $25 to $45. First Alert is first in the home safety and protection business for a good reason. They offer reasonably priced safety products that give you the latest in technology for the ultimate peace of mind. First Alert is dedicated to protecting your family from disaster, and countless tragedies have been prevented due to their commitment to excellence. The nominal price for the products they offer are priceless in their ability to save the lives of the ones you love. There is almost never an issue with failed detection systems with this company, and if you were to get a unit that is defective, you can get it replaced free of charge under the limited 5 year warranty that comes with all of their systems. First Alert has been beating the competition for years, and they continue to do so. They offer units that are always reliable, always accurate, and last more than three times longer than other leading brands. First Alert will help you to protect your investment in your property, and you will have the assurance of accurate data regarding the carbon monoxide levels in your home, and better peace of mind around the clock. First Alert products are for those who have their families first in their minds.

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