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Callaway Golf Irons - Callaway Golf Irons: Which Line to Choose?

clubhead center shaft gravity

Which of the Callaway Golf irons are the best choice for your game? The “X-Forged” line? “Big Bertha” clubs? Or the “FT” line? Let’s do some analysis.

First of all, Callaway Golf is a global leader in the manufacture of golf equipment. Callaway golf irons are considered one of the very best examples of the application of advanced technology to golf equipment. Many golf professionals, both on the US PGA tour, and on the European and Asian Tours, use Callaway golf irons. Callaway has created three lines of golf irons, each with its own set of standard characteristics to fit widely varying playing styles: the “Big Bertha” line, the “X-Forged” line, and the “FT” line. The manufacturing technologies used by Callaway are common to all three lines, but implemented in different ways for each line. Those technologies are:

Extreme Notch Weighting (ENW)
This redistribution of weight along the bottom back of the club’s heel and toe creates a high moment of inertia, which improves accuracy and distance if the club is mis-hit at either the toe or the heel.

Variable Face Thickness (VFT)
By using a special manufacturing process to build a varying thickness along the entire clubface, the center of gravity is lowered by a particular amount for each iron. This customized center of gravity causes a higher launch angle for the long irons, and a better trajectory height for the short irons and wedges.

Short Straight Hollow Hosel (S2H2)
This patented design shortens and hollows the length of the hosel, which moves weight lower and nearer to the clubhead’s perimeter. Also, the tip of shaft is extended down through the entire hosel and clubhead right to the sole. This shaft extension improves club control.

360-Degree Undercut Channel (360-DUC)
Hollowing out the edge of the back of the clubhead moves the center of gravity lower and farther back, the effect of which is to enlarge the hitting area and stabilize the clubhead.

“Big Bertha” Irons
The Big Bertha line is the most famous of the Callaway irons. Big Bertha irons are versatile, and give the average player more distance due to the low center of gravity. The club has an oversized hitting area, allowing you to hit the ball more easily. A constant-width sole causes gentler turf interaction; a greater offset in the shaft from the clubhead distinguishes the Big Bertha line from Callaway’s other lines of irons. Big Bertha irons are intended for the player who is trying to improve. Callaway Big Bertha Irons are available as rentals at many high-end golf courses — try the clubs out before you buy.

“X-Forged” Irons
The X-Forged iron is for elite golfers who want precision, workability, and distance control in their irons. X-Forged irons are made of 1020 carbon steel, which gives a stronger feeling of responsive feedback when coupled with a fast golf swing speed. The blade is shortened and has a minimal shaft offset, which, for an expert player, adds the ability to shape a shot. The center of gravity is lower on the longer irons, and higher on the shorter irons, resulting in a greater precision for distance control. X-Forged irons all have Tru-Bore design (where the shaft is capped with a polycarbonate tip at the point it enters the clubhead, the effect of which is to dampen vibration), and a Tour-inspired clubhead shape with a large sweet-spot. Within the X-Forged line are slight differences. The X-22 irons have a greater perimeter weighting while preserving the original center of gravity, which gives more forgiveness for off-center hits. The X-24 irons have clubheads made with a dark distinctive-looking Stealth-PVD finish, which reduces glare off the clubhead.

“FT” Irons
The FT iron, cast rather than forged, is the most advanced iron Callaway manufactures. Irons in the FT line have a thinner topline, a higher toe and less of a shaft offset, all of which increase stability. The FT clubhead is created from a high-density alloy that allows more weighting possibilities along the perimeter. A thermoplastic layer of urethane lines the back of the clubhead, decreasing vibration. FT irons also have a lightweight titanium face that increases accuracy for mis-hits. The FT line is intended for the advanced player with a low handicap.

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