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Pet Friendly Motels - Finding Pet Friendly Motels

keep pets off the furniture do not disturb other guests

There are several million pet owners in the United States and about 19% of them travel with their pets.
In response to these traveling pet owners, there are literally thousands of pet friendly motels and hotels that are willing to accommodate cats, dogs or other animals, usually with some restrictions.

A good resource to use is petswelcome.com. They have listings of pet friendly motels by state. You can chart your travel route and find accommodations that will fit your needs along the way. They also have separate motel and hotel listing for cats and even one for large dogs, 75 lbs and heavier.

When planning a trip, you may want to choose a pet friendly location. According to Dog Fancy Magazine, the top 5 places to vacation with your pooch are Provincetown, Mass; Carmel, CA; Madison, WI; Benicia,CA; and Fort Bragg,CA; They have dog parks, pet friendly restaurants and some have beaches that welcome pets too.

After you find a motel that will accommodate your animal, you should always call them about their pet policies. Motel chains will list their policies on websites, but many of these are franchises that are owned by different managements and their individual policies could differ from what is stated on the sites. Also check with motels that don’t allow animals. The recession has caused some of them to rethink their restrictions and allow pets so they can fill rooms.

Certain motels have limits on weight and number of pets. Some places will only allow pets that weigh 25 lbs or less, and some will only allow one per room. There are places that don’t allow shedding animals either. Polices vary widely from location to location.

Inquire about extra charges. Some pet friendly accommodations will charge cleaning fees of $25.00 up to $50.00.

Ask if any amenities are offered for pets. Some provide feeding and watering bowls, treats, bags for poop clean-up, even pet sitters and special menus for your furry friend.

You may want to bring your pooch’s own bed as some places will frown on your pet climbing into bed with you.

Also, you may want to inquire about local exercise areas or dog parks that you can take your animal to expend energy and relieve himself. It’s good to know if your pets are allowed in the lobby and pool areas. Check out the local restaurants to see if they are pet friendly as you don’t want to leave your animal alone in the room.

Many pet friendly motels offer rooms on the first floor or smoking rooms for pet owners. If this doesn’t fit your preferences, you may want to request something different or find other accommodations.

As an owner, certain pet etiquette should be followed when staying in pet friendly motels:

Keep your animal leashed when walking on the property

Don’t leave your pets unattended

Feed and water pets on tiled floor, such as the bathroom

Keep pets off the furniture

Take the animal to the appropriate spot to relieve himself and then clean up after him

Do not disturb other guests

Bring a crate, bed , toys and food for the pet

Finding pet friendly motels has become a lot more convenient with the increase of participating places
and the use of the internet. If you call ahead and check with each location, you will insure you and your pet, a comfortable stay when you travel.

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