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Garmin Rino Gps - What You Should Know About Garmin Rino GPS Units

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With all of the different radios and GPS’s available, it is hard to choose one. When making your decision, you should take into consideration different features, what you need your radio for, and what distance you will be from the other radios. Many people choose a Garmin Rino GPS model for their casual two-way radio and GPS needs, such as for camping, hiking, and errand trips. You will always know where the rest of your group is with these handy radios. These models feature both a GPS with a visual map and a radio in one unit for ease of use. Sharing your map is easy with data transfer, and with the electronic compass, you will be sure to never lose your way.

With two high-powered antennas, several Garmin Rino GPS units have ranges up to two miles using the family band, or several more with a special license from the FCC for the general mobile radio service. You can let your group know exactly where you are, and can find out on your screen where they are, usually within a ten foot range of their actual location. This is a great feature if you are worried about being injured and not being able to be found, or are letting your kids out to play. No matter what the weather, you will be sure your GPS unit will function properly with its waterproof, well-built design. Many times, these units can survive harsh weather conditions, high temperatures, and bumpy rides.

No more will you have to worry about your radio dying in the middle of the day. With standard usage, the batteries usually last between twelve and fourteen hours. More advanced models come with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that last up to sixteen hours. Unfortunately, when on a trip that lasts for more than one day, you will either need access to electricity and a charger or need to conserve the battery. Less advanced models run on regular AAA batteries, which can be changed out when they run out.

Like any great piece of electronic equipment, any Garmin Rino GPS unit will have drawbacks. As previously stated, more advanced models normally need to be charged after a full day’s use, or use the alkaline battery packs that are available. Many people find that the display is too small, although there is a zoom feature. Other common issues that consumers have are software glitches, including the unit switching itself on and off. Garmin encourages its customers to return such defective items. Many people complain that it is fairly heavy to carry, but this is remedied by the included lanyard.

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