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Chicago Bears Shirt - Buy a Chicago Bears Shirt to Support Your Team

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The NFL is by far the most successful spectator sport in the United States. The athletes that play in the NFL are much faster, stronger, and coordinated than any average individual can imagine. Finding wide receivers that run a 4.30 40-yard-dash is not uncommon. It’s this type of talent that draws so many fans to the sport. What can possibly be more exciting than watching a RB try to sidestep or run through a muscle-bound linebacker? It’s these type of defining moments in a game that make you hold your breath. And every fan is going to root for one player or the other, whether it’s because of their favorite team, a wager they have placed, or their fantasy football roster. While fantasy football has become extremely popular, it’s still not as big of a factor as those who have a favorite team. The Dallas Cowboys are by far the most popular team in the NFL, but the Chicago Bears are right up there. Chicago Bears fans are also a much different breed.

Dallas Cowboys fans live all over the United States, but they only show their colors when the Cowboys are playing well. Bears fans aren’t like that. Even if the Bears are 2-10, they’re going to wear their Chicago Bears attire to support their team. In other words, they’re not fair weather fans. They’re much more loyal.

The Bears have an interesting history. You would think they have won more than one Super Bowl, but that’s not the case. It’s just that their ’85 team was so popular that they have established a reputation as a hard-nosed, tough and physical team that loves to play in the cold weather. Most fans love teams with this type of reputation, and no team has exemplified it better than the Chicago Bears. However, in the past two seasons, and thanks to gun-slinging QB Jay Cutler, the Bears have become more of an offensive-minded team. Do the fans care? No. As stated earlier, they’re loyal to their team no matter what.

The best way for a Bears fan to show their loyalty is to wear Chicago Bears attire. While all forms of attire are popular, the most popular is a Chicago Bears shirt. This makes sense since a Bears winter hat wouldn’t be worn in the summer. A shirt can be worn in any weather. The word ‘shirt’ doesn’t just refer to a t-shirt, but any type of shirt.

If you want to buy a Chicago Bears t-shirt, begin your search with the NFL. Yes, the NFL sells its own shirts. Their NFL Team Chicago Bears T-Shirt sells for only $12.99. If you want a Chicago Bears Fleece Hoodie, it sells for $24.99. Another popular Chicago Bears shirt is the Chicago Bears Men’s Retro Vintage T-Shirt by a company called Junk Food. This shirt sells for $32.50. And if you want a Chicago Bears Women’s Retro Vintage T-Shirt, this is also a possibility. Junk Food sells this Chicago Bears shirt for only $27.50. If you’re someone who likes to support your team in style, consider the Chicago Bears Stripe Polo by Cutter & Buck. This shirt costs $79.99, but the quality is exceptional and you should expect it to last for a long time – well beyond the Cutler era. If you want a humorous Chicago Bears shirt, check out the Da Bears SNL T-Shirt by SNL. This shirt comes in blue and is a reminder of one of the funniest skits ever performed on Saturday Night Live. These funny Chicago Bears shirts sell for between $16.95 and $17.95. If you want to stick with a plain and simple Chicago Bears shirt, go with the Chicago Bears Logo Premier T-Shirt by Reebok. These shirts come in many colors and sell for between $15.49 and $17.99.

The Chicago Bears are playing better than they have in years. Whether that trend continues in the near future is debatable, but as long as Jay Cutler is on the team, anything is possible. He’s an extreme risk-taker that can make amazing things happen. If you’re a Bears fan, you’re already well aware of this. If you’re not a Bears fan, you might want to consider becoming one now. You can start by purchasing a Chicago Bears shirt. The rest will take care of itself.

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