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Quantum Tape Drives - How To Decide Whether Quantum Tape Drives Are Right For Server Backup

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Quantam is one of the world’s leading producers of tape drives. The high quality and dependability of Quantam tape drives makes them a common choice for large computer systems that need an archiving backup solution and the wide variety of companies that use Quantam tape drives appreciate the ease of use that the drives offer.

Quantam tape drives cover a variety of tape formats and can be great for backing up large servers. However, they’re not an ideal backup situation in every case. There are a few limitations of Quantam tape drive systems and knowing these limitations is essential for any business that considers tapes for a long term data backup solution.

First of all, tapes require physical storage. Over time, this can become a fairly significant concern unless a business chooses to reuse its Quantam tapes—but that defeats the purpose of long term data storage. The good news is that modern tapes can store very large amounts of data in a space smaller than a standard IDE hard drive. They’re also easier to store, as users don’t need to worry much about heat and dust contamination (relative to hard drives—there are still some guidelines to be followed when employing any tape based storage system).

Companies that need quick access to archived data would be better off using a hard drive based system or server rather than Quantam tape drives. Quantam now offers disk based backup systems that use an indexing system to get the most out of data tapes. However, older Quantam systems offer no such options, and in order to read information off of tapes, they must be manually read and indexed. This can take a tremendous amount of time if a business doesn’t have a regular archiving process in place. As such, newer Quantam tape drives should be used by businesses that need to instantly recall certain bits of data. This is true of every tape drive, not just Quantam systems, and it can be a particularly noticeable draw on time and resources when cataloging tape types like DLT4 and LTO.

Tapes require every day manual backup. Even a slight issue with backup software or a few missed backup sessions can be disastrous. Therefore, when a Quantam tape drive is used to secure an office’s data, it’s important to carefully establish guidelines for the treatment of each tape. It’s also important to choose good data backup software. Some Quantam tape drives come with software or with software recommendations. Read about software packages before making a purchase to ensure ease of use and proper functionality. Otherwise it may be necessary to buy additional software packages to meet an office’s storage needs.

Quantum tapes are less expensive than hard drives on average. They can store a great deal of data and despite their reading limitations, they can be written very quickly. They’re a great way to store long term copies of data for businesses that require perfectly archived data and can be easily coordinated with most modern servers. Modern Quantum tape drives also offer excellent indexing and are an ideal middle-of-the-road solution for businesses with large data storage needs. These advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of Quantum tape drives for many businesses. Before buying and installing a Quantum tape drive, it’s essential to carefully weigh the costs of implementation. In this way, businesses can make knowledgeable decisions about whether to employ a Quantum tape drive for their server’s data backup needs.

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