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Registry Clean Xp - How to Use a Registry Cleaner For Windows XP

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Windows XP uses a registry entry database to stabilize and record functions on the operating system. For optimum computer health, to speed up performance, and to prevent occasional crashes, it is recommended to use a registry cleaner that will make corrective entries and remove bad entries from the registry. This has been known to boost CPU performance, reduce annoyances like screen freezes and slow loading of Internet Explorer and other programs, and to reduce error messages. Many of these programs are downloadable for free from the Internet, either on a trial basis or fully functional. Some have reported issues with certain programs mistaking good entries for bad entries, further complicating performance issues, so it’s important to read reviews and find a program that has been thoroughly beta-tested before downloading. Also, be sure that it doesn’t include malware. Programs that ask you to pay a few dollars for the download are often of the highest quality because the designers and programmers have put extra effort into ensuring that its deletion and correction methods and routines are safe for your PC. A registry cleaner often comes as an included feature of a maintenance suite, with other features including the ability to delete your Internet cookies, browser history, and cache, delete unused files to save space on your hard drive, and a shred function to permanently delete files beyond restoration. This function is useful for sensitive information that you want to be permanently rid of. Software suites such as these are available for free online, and they usually have an upgrade feature for a few dollars that gives you additional resources and functionality to protect your computer and boost performance.

Most registry cleaners come with an interface that is easy to use and understand, and many of these programs even have an automatic registry cleanup function that you can schedule, so you won’t have to think about it while it works in the background. For most users, a registry cleaner is worth spending a few dollars on. Cleaning a computer’s registry has been known to extend its life by as much as three years, paying for itself the first time you use it and making your computer an even better value for the money you have put into it. With a cleaner registry, XP performs as good as the day you first installed it, or as good as the day your computer rolled off the assembly line, saving you from having to purchase a new computer that much sooner. Windows XP has been tested and improved by Microsoft by using user feedback to fix errors and perform better, and it has become one of the most widely used and trusted platforms for games, work, Internet browsing, email, and everything else. Protect this valued performance by cleaning your registry often and regularly. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and these programs won’t drain your system resources or slow your system down like so many bulky antivirus software suites have been known to do. One of the best programs for this purpose is Eusing Software’s free registry cleaner, available at www.eusing.com/free_registry_cleaner/registry_cleaner.htm. It is quick to download and will do most of the work for you automatically, letting you get on with your work. Another great program that is free to try is Registry Mechanic, $29.95 to buy. This product is superior to many of the free registry cleaners for download, contains no spyware, and it has received 4.5 stars on cnet.com. If you want a good registry cleaner with full functionality for free, there is the Auslogics registry cleaner. It contains no malicious software and has received 4.5 stars from cnet.com, where it is available for download. Of all the many useful programs for keeping your computer in like-new working condition, few programs are more important than a trusted registry cleaner. While it is always a good idea to keep an updated antivirus, antispyware, and virus removal software installed and running, registry cleaning software can keep your registry page file from getting too big and bloated, requiring more time at startup due to programs that have been abandoned, uninstalled programs that have left files behind, and other common issues. Registry cleaner software is an integral part of maintaining your copy of Windows XP.

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