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Hard Drive Recovery Data - Ways to Recover Your Hard Drive Data

files computer backup system

There are several possible ways to recover the original factory-shipped files and data from your hard drive in the event of a computer crash. If you’ve backed up your files to an external hard disk or a data backup web site, you simply reinstall the files from there. Many companies offer this service for a nominal monthly charge. Your computer may have come shipped with a backup DVD containing all of your original files, including the operating system. If you can still power on your computer, all you have to do is open your DVD tray and insert the disk after turning the computer on, then follow the instructions on the screen. Using a software program off the Internet or the Windows backup utility program, you can make your own backup DVD. If you’ve already done this, you need to insert this disk in your disc tray to recover your files. If you’ve had a virus or a serious crash, it may not be enough to simply reformat your hard drive. It may need to be taken to a repair shop for a complete refurbishment or replacement of the mother board. Then you can install a fresh copy of the operating system, along with your backup files. If you’ve had an unexpected computer failure and didn’t back up your files, you may still be able to recover them using a deleted file recovery software program, useful for restoring files deleted by accident. It bypasses the zeros and ones in your system’s delete program, finding files that are considered “deleted” but actually still there. This is your best solution for recovering essential data if you didn’t back them up first.

Another option still is to simply download the software programs from the Internet again, from the same sources as before the crash, or install them from your software disks if you still have them. Of course, this will not help you in recovering your user-created data, which will still need to be recovered by other means, such as those described above. A lot of the time, computer failures happen as a result of bad registry entries in your operating system, or because of malware bundled with a program you downloaded from the Internet. It is helpful to supply the repair shop with this information if you take it to be refurbished. If you use a restore disk that came with your computer, there may be an option to do a non-destructive restore, letting you reinstall the operating system correctly with all necessary drivers and files without destroying your user-created files such as text documents, photos, and music. With a restore disk, hard recovery of your files should be simple and straightforward, taking no more than thirty minutes to complete. If you’re worried about your hard drive data and haven’t experienced a crash yet, online backup solutions are your best option. They are easy to afford, password-protected and data encrypted, and many companies offer unlimited backup space, so you can keep adding to your files and backup on a regular basis if you so choose. If you go with this option, it is wise to back up your files once every week, especially if you use your computer for finances or work. There are no cyber-threats or identity theft issues with these programs, since they are password-protected and use the latest data encryption technology to keep hackers and spyware out. Occasionally, a computer crash will be fatal for the hard drive. If this happens and you are forced to buy a new computer, you will be able to simply and conveniently use your online backup to retrieve all the files that were on your old system and download them onto the new system. This will give you great peace of mind knowing that all your important documents and files will be retrievable with the click of a mouse if this should happen to you. All of these data recovery options are easy to perform, and the best choice for you will depend on your situation, the age of your computer, and the extent to which you need to be able to recover all your data. For most people, this is an important issue, as more and more people do their work, store passwords, and pay bills using their computer.

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