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Twin Xl Bedding - Explore the Versatility of Twin XL Bedding

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People generally think of twin xl bedding as something only a college student would need. Dorm rooms usually have beds in them that require twin xl bedding. Twin xl fitted sheets measure approximately 38" by 80" as compared to the standard twin fitted sheet measurement of approximately 38" by 75". While twin xl sheets are the ideal size for dorm room beds, they are also the correct size sheet for some styles of platform beds and for adjustable beds.

Platform beds are a popular style of bed for small apartments, condominium living, and occasionally for a child’s room. Many platform bed designs include under the bed storage drawers which helps solve storage space issues that accompany small home living. Some of these platform beds with storage are actually five inches longer than a standard twin bed so in order to find the proper size sheets and bed sets, you must explore twin xl bedding selections.

There are twin xl sheet sets that a child would love to have on their bed. These sheets come in an array of bright colors which children usually love. Some sheets have whimsical designs on them that children find appealing. If the platform bed is to be used in an adult’s bedroom, there are more elegantly designed sheets available in twin xl size. In addition to the sheets for a platform bed, you will want to add some type of bed covering. Platform beds are simplistic in design and only require something such as a blanket or lightweight quilt or duvet cover placed across the bed as a covering for the fitted sheet. There is an abundant selection of coverings available so finding one for a child’s room or an adult’s bedroom is not a difficult task.

Twin size adjustable beds are actually longer than a standard twin bed. Twin xl bedding will properly fit an adjustable bed. Sheets sets can be found in a variety of materials so that the person sleeping on the adjustable bed can achieve maximum comfort. Cotton sheets are a good choice for use year round. You can easily find twin xl flannel sheets to increase the comfort level when the nights get cooler. One easy way to achieve the ultimately attractive bed is to purchase complete bed sets that include the sheets, comforter, and pillow shams in coordinating designs and color. You can find twin xl bed sets in elegant and sophisticated design styles. Your choices include sets in animal prints, floral prints, botanical designs, and numerous other fabric patterns. Coordinating solid color sets are a popular choice for a master bedroom. Your color choices are almost limitless. Comforters, duvet covers, and bedspreads are available that will effectively cover a twin xl mattress set on an adjustable bed. You should take note of the thickness of your mattress set before purchasing sheet sets so that you can choose a set that will properly fit your mattress.

When it comes to buying sheets for a dorm room, the color, pattern, and material you select is solely a matter of personal taste. You can buy individual sheet sets or bed-in-a bag sets. Twin xl bed sets can easily be found that include 5, 7, or even 10 pieces. Reversible twin xl comforters are great for dorm rooms. You can choose from sets that give the bed and the dorm room a look of sophistication. Or, you can select sets with bold, bright colors that will liven up the entire dorm room. There are bed sets in a variety of designs including sports theme. music theme, butterflies, hearts, and much more that college students can select from when choosing bedding for their dorm room.

You can find accessorizing pieces of twin xl bedding just as you can for standard bedding. There are mattress pads, bed skirts, sheets, comforters, bedspreads, duvet covers, and a large selection of blankets available in twin xl. Twin xl bedding is most definitely not exclusively for use in dorm rooms.

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