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Find Social Security Number - Ways to Find a Social Security Number

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Social security numbers are used to verify that people truly are who they say they are, and employers may want to look these up when they are thinking about hiring new workers. This way, they can make sure that the people applying for a job have not stolen someone’s identity. They can also use these to check up on the people, running a background check on their activities to make sure that they have not broken the law or lied about what they have been doing before applying. Getting these numbers, for employers, can be quite a find; social security number websites exist to help sort through the millions of numbers and keep things straight.

One of these sites is called E-Verify, and is very simple to use. There need to be no worries that using this site is somehow illegal, though one is looking up such personal information, as the site is maintained by the Social Security Administration, along with the Department of Homeland security — also known as the Customs Service. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and employers use this system, as it is very reliable and can save a lot of hassle with new employees. The site takes the information from an employee’s I-9 form, compares it to the database that the government keeps, and then lets the employer know if there is some sort of confusion or a mismatch. This gives the employee time to right the problem, if it is an honest mistake, and gives the employer the knowledge that they need to let the person go if the mistake was done intentionally.

When looking for a social security number, that important find, social security number websites like the Social Security Death Index can be very helpful. This site, a huge online resource known as the SSDI, has kept track of everyone in the United States who has passed away since 1963, with very few exceptions. This can be used to make sure than a potential employee is not trying to use the social security number of someone who has died, which would imply right away that they are not up to anything good. This is illegal to do, and the person should be reported to the authorities if it comes out that they were purposely trying to steal the identity of someone who died sometime in the past. The Social Security Death Index will let a person search the database by the first name, last name, middle name or initial, or by the social security number itself. It will also let one decide if one wants that first name to be exact, or to be matched by the sound of the name, if one is not sure of the exact spelling.

Another way to find a social security number is simply by typing it into a search engine. This is often valuable to do when looking for one’s own social security number, something that can be a frightening find; social security number thieves will sometimes sell these or post them on the internet, which can lead to cases of identity theft or other crime. While this is not the best way to search for the number of a new employee, or to cross-reference the number with other people in the United States, it can at least help one to check one’s own number and make sure that it has not been used inappropriately.

All in all, finding out a social security number is not as hard as some people think. This does not mean that there will be a wave of crime regarding these numbers, however, as many of the listings kept by the government — such as E-Verify or the Social Security Death Index — are kept for just the opposite reason, to keep one safe. By having these numbers on file and available, the government is trying to make sure the employers and other people who deal with social security numbers — banks, colleges, credit card companies, and the like — will have the information available to them to stop identity theft. Finding a social security number is a good way to check and make sure that someone is not a thief, but is honest.

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