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Cheap Flights Edinburgh - Take Cheap Flights to Edinburgh for a Vacation to Remember

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Edinburgh Castle’s busiest month for years was credited to the low cost flights offered by several airlines into Scotland. The visitor’s origin could be directly correlated to the countries offering more cheap flights whether it was Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, and the United States. Edinburgh’s heritage plays a huge role in Scotland’s economy as a whole. A barometer for Scotland’s tourism industry is directly corrected to the numbers visiting Edinburgh Castle. The Castle has a far reaching cultural and economical appeal to tourists, acting as Edinburgh‘s window to the world.

Edinburgh’s beauty offers enchantment throughout the year, with festivals and events scheduled in every season. That means the traveler can visit at any time cheap flights are offered from their home to Edinburgh. As the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a showplace of green, open spaces with amazing views in every direction. The coastal beaches provide walking/hiking areas with a wealth of entertainment at such sites as the Scottish Mining Museum or The Scottish Seabird Centre. A variety of local eateries offer seasonal specials from the sea and the fresh, local produce.

Edinburgh, with it’s totally filled calendar of events to entertain visitors, is considered Europe’s festival capital. There is always something happening from comedy to world-class theatre, and street entertainers. The Scottish Snowdrop Festival has displays in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, the walled in acre artist’s garden at Shepherd House, and includes strolls through the 150 acres of Hopetoun House parkland.

Another springtime occurrence is the Beltane Fire Festival, celebrating the start of summer. This festival is an original compilation of street revelry, drumming and wild processions of fire through Edinburgh. As many as 12,000 share the spectacle. Travelers can witness this revival of historic Celtic fertility festivities in Scotland’s capital by taking advantage of cheap flights from their homelands to Edinburgh. The performances are famous for their color and intensity which celebrates spring and the ancient time of moving livestock into their summer grazing fields.

Scotland’s biggest intercultural gathering, The Mela Festival, promises a dazzling display of international and local talent. Visitors can savor tastes from across the globe at the many food stalls, enjoy dazzling dance, and fabulous theatre. They can enjoy a wide variety of musical styles produced by some of the best performers around, or they may simply browse the many craft stalls. A central part of Edinburgh’s Festivals, this one even brings a little bit of Egypt to Edinburgh with belly dancers..

Ceilidh Culture is a festival which gives an opportunity to view traditional Scottish arts, music, song, dance, and storytelling in the middle of Edinburgh. A number of contributors collect from Scotland and beyond its borders. Over thirty organizations showcase Ceilidh Culture proudly with local talent and international acts. Everyone in the family will find something to enjoy. Late night award-winning folk clubs, concerts, and family friendly workshops along with a street fair provide stalls with food and drink, fashion, music, and crafts celebrating the best Scotland offers. The festival provides an excellent reason to search for cheap flights to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh may not seem the place for a Jazz and Blues Festival. However, cool and contemporary jazz, or old school blues may be enjoyed in the fall at the Jazz and Blues Festival in Edinburgh. It is a celebration that brings some of the world’s best performers to the city. The Festival brings jazz into the parks, concert halls, inside bars around the city, and at the Bosco Tent filled with a wide variety of music.

For more than 64 years the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is another autumn event. Each year it thrills thousands of spectators gathered in Edinburgh’s historic venues and cobbled streets. The largest arts festival on earth, the Fringe consists of 265 venues, a total of almost 35,000 performances, and more than 2,000 different shows. Famous street performers, children’s shows, theatre, exhibitions, comedy and musicals all provide events for everyone’s entertainment.

The Edinburgh Art Festival lets the visitor mingle with visual artists, from internationally known individuals to those whose work is experimental and extreme, a wonderful mix of events and exhibitions. Take advantage of cheap flights to Edinburgh any time of the year and experience wonderful tastes, smells, sights and entertainment unequalled anywhere.

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