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Liftmaster Garage Openers - How to Choose the Right Type of Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

units control remote keypad

Enclosed garages reduce insurance premiums by reducing weather effects and chances of theft. Choosing which Liftmaster garage door opener meets requirements depends on several factors determined by the user.

Model Varieties
Liftmaster garage door opener choices run from standard remote control units to key fob controls to keypad control. Most remote units offer three operational choices: Up, Down, and Stop. Hand-held units appear similar in size and design to personal pagers that can clip conveniently onto visors or rest on the dash board.

Key fob remotes connect to key rings and transmit the commands that control the Liftmaster garage door opener receiver which is mounted on the interior ceiling or wall of the garage.

All portable remotes, whether of two- or three-command design, operate on a multiple-frequency basis: One frequency for the “door up” command, one for the “door down” command, and when applicable, one for the “stop” command.

Keypad entry unit of a Liftmaster garage door opener allows more personalized, secure entry and departure for the user via privately chosen key sequence to initiate the door operation. The disadvantage to a keypad entry is the electrical wire set-up on a stationary unit. Wireless transmissions operate the garage door, but some keypad units require hard-wiring to the structure’s electrical system. Some, however, allow battery operation. Enhanced security is the main advantage to Liftmaster garage door opener keypad units, allowing programmable per-person codes, temporary passwords to friends or repair personnel for limited times and access.

Radio Control
A Liftmaster garage door opener sends a radio signal from the remote transmitter to the receiver; most garage door openers operate in the 300-MHz to 400-MHz range and is programmed in coordination with the compatible receiver.

Short range transmissions travel through wood, aluminum, or plastic garage door, and the receiver translates the radio wave burst into electrical pulses that are able to not only open the garage door, but also turn on garage lights, lock or unlock standard connecting doors if joined in the system.

Disadvantage of Remote Units
Universal to most remote control units is the known general frequency range in which they operate. Wide-range transmitters can duplicate or clone a similar garage door opener, enter a garage, close the door behind the vehicle, and reduce risk of visibility during burglaries.

A Liftmaster garage door opener vastly reduce that risk by signal shrouding that makes cloning the signal sequences more difficult, enhancing the user’s security and possibly reducing insurance rates.

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