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Intex Air Bed - Getting an Intex Air Bed

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A good night’s rest is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a proper work-life balance. Intex air beds combine the best of the latest mattress comfort technology with portability to give you the best take-anywhere bed that money can buy. If you have back problems of any kind, you can help to offset that by buying a mattress designed to give you extra comfort and support. Intex’s home air beds feature extremely comfortable memory foam for great structural support for your entire body, and they have an inflatable mattress portion underneath the regular flocked mattress that takes only a few minutes to inflate. A great example of this is Intex’s Pillow Rest Queen Air Bed. It has a built-in electronic pump for convenience and portability, a water-proof flocked top with vinyl beams, takes no more than three minutes to inflate, and is ideal for home use. It raises to 17.5 inches off the floor, features built-in pillows, and has a 600 pound capacity. This bed combines the best of both worlds, offering you a bed that is suitable for travel and home, with no fuss or hassle. There is a switch for easily adjusting the comfort level on the surface of the mattress, giving you optimum support for your back. The pillow rest has been tested for extreme comfort and support, and is completely water-proofed. This bed is an amazing value, costing as little as $50. The Intex Raised Downy Queen air bed has the same features as the previous model, plus the added comfort of simulated box springs in the lower half of the bed, giving you even more support. It inflates in just under five minutes, and deflates in a flash with the built-in pump, has a dual chamber construction, perfect for couples. This bed rises 22 inches off the floor, has an indentation on the side to hold fitted sheets, supports up to 600 pounds, and comes with a handy duffle bag and shoulder strap. This Intex air bed is absolutely perfect for couples on the go or for home. It costs between $55 and $70.

For even more raised support, you can get the Intex Pillow Top Raised Air Mattress with a built-in two way pump. Its dual mattress design allows you to tuck in your sheets just like a regular bed. The material on the surface of the bed is topnotch, being made up of tiny pockets of air cells for pillow-like comfort across the entire surface area of the bed. With a 600 pound capacity and a unique structure made up of I beams and coil beams, this bed gives a comfort and support unsurpassed by any other bed. For all this, it is still a lightweight bed, and easy to carry. It includes a duffel bag with shoulder strap, and costs around $90 to $105. Intex inflatable air beds are absolutely the best valued travel beds for your money, and have been engineered with the latest technology to give you the ultimate in sleep comfort at home or away from home. With affordable features to give you the comfort of a traditional bed anytime, anywhere, Intex is sure to catch the portable bedding market by storm. If you’re a serious camper or travel enthusiast but need support for your back or neck that a sleeping bag or earth mat can’t give you, you will want to give one of these beds a try. Intex has been making quality outdoor entertainment and recreation products for many years, including the very best in inflatables such as air beds and inflatable boats, as well as swimming gear and pool systems. Intex is a company renowned for its innovative and affordable products, reasonably priced for the enjoyment of all. Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep when coupled with the amazing price and affordability of an Intex inflatable air bed, suitable for home, the camper, tents, and everywhere else. These air beds come complete with a five year warranty for a guaranteed protection against defects, ensuring you get your money’s worth and total satisfaction. For all your outdoor recreation equipment needs, Intex is sure to deliver quality with every purchase.

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