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Franklin Electronic Dictionary - An Inside Look at the Franklin Electronic Dictionary

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The Franklin electronic dictionary is a convenient portable electronic gadget that makes checking your spelling and looking up word definitions a snap. Franklin has joined forces with Merriam-Webster to offer a comprehensive electronic dictionary with the same reliable definitions that users would find in a traditional Merriam-Webster reference dictionary. A Franklin electronic dictionary contains over 300,000 dictionary definitions and automatic spelling correction.

In addition to its Merriam-Webster definitions, the Franklin electronic dictionary offers tools that are designed to help users build their vocabulary, master the punctuation style used by the Associated Press and refer to handy geographical materials. The Franklin electronic dictionary even offers smaller dictionaries in four other languages in addition to English that assist users with the basics of Spanish, Italian, German and French. This device can also be used as a simple translator that come in handy when a person is navigating the streets and airports of other cultures.

Students of all ages will find a number of useful functions offered by the Franklin electronic dictionary that will help them take their reading comprehension and overall language skills to the next level. High school students who are preparing for college entrance exams can use the intuitively designed SAT word generator to bone up for their test whenever they have a few extra minutes. Students can also build their own word lists full of all of the new words that they are currently trying to master. This tool in particular can come in particularly handy when a student is learning the vocabulary of certain academic disciplines like medicine and computer science. The Franklin electronic dictionary even offers a calculator that makes it unnecessary to carry around a second device for simple math equations.

The Franklin electronic dictionary is also an excellent gadget for businessmen and other busy professionals. A respectable vocabulary is a key factor in making a good impression on clients and coworkers no matter what line of work a modern citizen has chosen. The Franklin electronic dictionary also has a useful clock and calendar organizer that makes it easy to stay on schedule for daily appointments without relying on multiple devices. Sloppy grammar and spelling are considered unacceptable in many professions and having the Franklin electronic dictionary on hand can save many workers from potentially embarrassing mistakes. Professionals who regularly need to travel overseas or deal with international currencies will find that the currency converter programmed into the Franklin electronic dictionary will save a considerable amount of time. Even the programmable word list can be useful for businessmen who are learning about a new line of products that require them to master an entirely new set of technical jargon.

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