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Yamaha Keyboard Stand - Shopping For a Yamaha Keyboard Stand

professional music keyboards playing

Whether for practice or professional gigs, Yamaha has been making quality instruments and accessories for over a century. Famous for their electric grand pianos and portable keyboards, their sturdy and adjustable keyboard stands are perfect for practicing students or keyboardists who need a sturdy stand for a professional rock show. You will commonly see the Yamaha brand across major studio label bands across America, and they offer a wide selection of instruments and accessories with an unusual number of features for all budgets and price ranges. The Yamaha PKBS1 keyboard stand, perfect for beginners, has an adjustable height between 25 and 38 inches, is compatible with all Yamaha PSR keyboards, and makes learning to play the piano comfortable and fun. It allows students the flexibility to play standing up or sitting down, and costs between $20 and $30. For Yamaha’s mid-range keyboards, there is the Yamaha YKA7500 Professional Double X Style keyboard stand. It’s adjustable between 26 and 38 inches, with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, and is a perfect match for Yamaha’s Workstation series, professional synthesizers and electric pianos. Take it on the road for professional performances or put it in your living room for a durable practice stand. It costs anywhere from $80 to $100. For added flexibility, Yamaha makes the PKBZ1 Adjustable Z keyboard stand, with separate width and height adjusters. Its stable crossbar design lets you put anything from a light, five-octave practice keyboard to a full-scale 88-key keyboard or synthesizer on it to use in recording applications and live situations. This is ideal for standing up while playing, such as in a rock band ensemble. It is available for about $50 to $65.

Yamaha keyboard stands are perfect accessories for your new keyboard, saving you table space if you’re playing at home, or giving you a professional presentation for school, church, or concerts. Along with a new keyboard stand, you may want to pick up a delay pedal for that realistic piano experience, some audio cables for professional amplification, and a music stand for sheet music and practice books. Yamaha has a long history in the recording industry and the musical instrument manufacturing business, with every product ideal for a certain level of play, from beginners to intermediate all the way to professional play. They have been credited on countless albums for their synthesizers and electric pianos used to record hit songs, and they are among the most featured brands in live concerts, with many musicians specifying the exclusive use of Yamaha keyboards and pianos in their contracts for their live shows. Yamaha has remained very competitive in the music market, with instructional DVDs and new technology such as USB-midi ports and software applications, and many learning tools to help young students grasp the concepts of music theory. For professionals, they continue to deliver a world-class product, having carved a niche market in the industry for recording and live synthesizer modules and workstations. No matter what your budget or needs, there is a perfect Yamaha kit with a stand and accessories for your or the music lover in your life, and their products are built to stand up to heavy playing and to last for years. Most of their products come with limited warranties guaranteeing against defects, which will protect your investment. If you’re a school music director, talk with your budget planner about acquiring some Yamaha keyboards and stands, and look for school discounts. They offer amazing products for much less money than the competition. If you need a full-service stand to meet the needs of your workhorse for heavy recording or sequencing, consider the Yamaha YKA6000 Heavy-Duty keyboard stand, with a spring-action level for quick adjustment to five different playing heights, firm rubber grips to hold any size keyboard in place, thick, durable metal tubing for more strength and support, and removable end caps for the addition of a second tier for a second keyboard. This stand retails for between $100 and $120. All of Yamaha’s keyboard stands come with durable, precision-engineered parts, a user-friendly design, and an instruction manual. All of Yamaha’s great products, in any price range, are worth the money and will help you to get years of playing enjoyment from your keyboard.

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