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Used Mini Coopers - Used Mini Coopers for Sale

why mini cooper? mini coopers top ratings: used mini coopers:

The Mini Cooper is a small sporty two-door car first made by British Motor Corporation in the late 1950’s. Although the Mini is a small car, it was specifically designed with a space saving front-wheel drive layout to provide more space for drivers, passengers, and their luggage. This design layout has had a significant influence on car-makers throughout the world making the Mini Cooper the second most influential car of the 20th Century. The Mini Cooper replaced the once popular German made Volkswagen Beetle as the number one choice for drivers who prefer a smaller car.
Due to their popularity, Mini Coopers are offered in a variety of styles including the Mini Hardtop, the Mini Convertible, and the Mini Clubman. The Mini Countryman is a four-door version scheduled for release in January 2011. The Mini John Cooper Works offers a custom line of legal street Mini racecars with the Mini S dominating SCCA racing competitions today.

The philosophy of the Mini has always been “Green” and is often referred to as “Minimalism”. Minimalism is used to refer to size and fuel consumption. Smaller cars use fewer materials in their construction. The designers and manufacturers of the Classic Mini dating back to 1957 were the first to design a car to comfortably seat four people with the original initiative to consume less fuel. Mini automakers stayed small even during recent years when all automakers thought “bigger was better”. Minis are true pioneers in the fuel efficiency movement and have never deterred from their position for minimalism.

This approach is more important than ever today with fuel prices at an all time high. The Mini has not only appealed to the sensibility but also to the style of consumers all over the world for over 50 years. Why else would there be over one million Minis on our roads today?

Mini Coopers Top Ratings:

Mini Coopers are top rated cars in a variety of categories by consumer reports each year.

The Mini Cooper was one of the ten cars recognized as World’s Most Noteworthy Vehicles of the Decade. Each of the ten cars was selected based on their indisputable influence in the evolution of the automobile. The editor recognized the Mini Cooper as retro-cool, highly customizable with gobs of character. It also recognized the Mini for having loads of space, getting great gas mileage, and being wickedly fun to drive.

In 2010, U.S. News and World Report ranked the Mini Convertible #3 in most affordable convertibles and the Mini Clubman #3 in most affordable compact wagons.

Based on the 2010 Environmental Protection Agency’s standard miles-per gallon on city, highway and combined findings, the Mini Cooper #5 and Mini Clubman #7 made the top ten ranking in most fuel efficient non-hybrids cars. The Mini Cooper averages 28 city, 37 highway and 32 overall miles per gallon. The Mini Clubman averages 28 city, 36 highway, and 31 overall miles per gallon.

One Auto Consumer Report compared the warranties of the Mini Cooper against the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The basic warranty for the Mini Cooper is 4 years/50,000 giving drivers 1 year/14,000 miles more coverage than the Miata.

Used Mini Coopers:

Buying a used Mini Cooper means you get all the benefits of this remarkable car without having to suffer that dreaded initial depreciation. Remember, Minis unlike many of its competitors, have been around for over 53 years. These cars are durable and long lasting. You can find used Mini Coopers for sale from 1981 to 2010 models in great condition with exceptional reviews, online, in auto trading magazines, and at dealers in every city.

Used Mini Coopers are considered a hot commodity on car lots today. When the economy is strong, they don’t last long. And even during hard economic times, used Mini Coopers are often the car of choice. One automotive dealer specializing in used cars reported his first experience with a used Mini Cooper when he received a 2008 model in trade. His description of the car was much like a romantic would write about their lover in a letter. He endearingly described how he wanted to spend as much time as he could with this lovable car, and how the Mini is in a league of its own. Words like playful were used to describe the chassis and peppy for the engine. He also referred to this used Mini Cooper with its remarkable fuel economy as having phenomenal SPG, a term now known as, Smiles Per Gallon.

Make no mistake, used Mini Coopers are as lovable as new ones. Thanks to so many online resources, it is very easy for today’s consumers to find a used Mini Cooper for sale in the model, color, and style that meets your specific budget. Used Mini Coopers are also sure to keep your wallet happier than most, and more importantly allow you to do your part to conserve resources for our beloved Mother Earth. These cars take your driving experience to an all new level of fun. Buying your first used Mini Cooper is like buying a new vehicle!

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