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Seminole County Property Appraiser - Save Time On Property-related Questions At The Seminole County Property Appraiser Website

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The great thing about government websites is the convenience they provide. Using robust internet sites consumers can find the kind of information that used to require a trip to the county seat, and hours of digging through records. A quick tour of the Seminole County Property Appraiser site shows users the services provided by the property appraiser’s office and a wealth of online information.

Unless you know what you want, begin with the General Information tab to see the types of information on tap. First it explains what the duties are required of the office of property appraiser (PA). Keeping details of properties, updating parcel boundaries and assessing the value of a property are just a few such duties. Once you know exactly what the PA does you will have a better idea of the kinds of information you can expect to find.

Real estate professionals as well as homeowners and prospective buyers use information from property appraiser sites to gather pertinent facts about individual properties and compare them to other properties. Such information is invaluable as a reference point for checking sales prices and real estate activity in an area.

The record search is one of the most used features of the site. It is an excellent tool for Seminole county homeowners and real estate buyers and sellers alike. Users can readily find the facts about a property: size, age, layout, owners, tax status and more. They can even compare selling prices of similar nearby properties. The site also features mobile characteristics so pertinent data is easily accessible in the field.

Are you considering renting or buying a home in a new neighborhood? Do you need to know what school district a certain property is in, or how close it is to a major highway? The site features a mapping program, SIMON III – Seminole Intelligent Maps On Line, showing properties in relation to important features like streets, major highways, school zones, hydrology, county boundaries and more. Users can access aerial views of properties by year.

The Simon tutorial is worth a look. It gives helpful hints like saving load time by zooming in on the area of interest before selecting the aerial layering.

Procedures and tools for submitting a Valuation Board Petition can be found in the Forms and Download area of the site. Here property owners can find instructions and necessary paperwork to petition the board to change the valuation of their property. Successfully petitioning for a change in valuation can result in substantial tax savings.

Exemptions of different types are explained on the site as well. Many consumers have questions about the rules pertaining to things like “portability” – the ability to apply to certain tax saving exemptions from one property to another. The conditions are thoroughly spelled out. Additionally, a portability calculator and downloadable forms are readily available.

More exemptions including senior citizen exemptions, homestead exemptions, Save Our Homes (SOH), and other money saving tax exemptions are listed on the site and in many cases the application forms are downloadable.

Besides real property (real estate), tangible personal property (TPP) is defined and regulated by the property appraiser’s office. Everything that has value and is used to generate income in a business is considered tangible personal property. Such property includes tool, machinery, furniture, signs, equipment, leased equipment, furniture and fixtures, supplies and leasehold improvements. Since every business owner within the county has to file TPP taxes, the list of frequently asked questions, deadlines and forms for filing will come in handy.

Agricultural property exemptions are also handled by this office. Pasture land, hay production, row crops (vegetables, beans, etc.), citrus, timberland, nursery, miscellaneous agriculture exemptions are all clarified for property owners. These exemptions, if applicable, can represent substantial tax savings.

While Spanish speakers will find information pages written in Spanish the records are still all in English. So Spanish speakers will need someone fluent in English to read instructions and forms.

One caution when using this site is this: if you don’t want your email to become part of the public records open to inspection by all and sundry, do not contact the Seminole County Property Appraiser by email. Use the phone or contact the office in writing, instead.

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