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Canada Flight Deals - Flight Deals for Canada

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Flight prices change on a weekly and monthly basis. One week they may be lower, and the next week they will be sky high. Many people have to schedule their vacations during the cheapest months for flights. August through November have some of the cheapest flight deals. The most expensive months for flying are during holidays from November to February. The summers also have higher flights than normal, but not as high as the holiday months. Flights to Canada in September are the cheapest for Air Canada. People can take flights from the east coast to Toronto for as little as $115 for a one way trip. The price for a flight will usually depend on how far away the person lives compared to where they are flying too. Flights on Air Canada from the west coast to Toronto are over $250. The most expensive flights on Air Canada are flights from Hawaii to Toronto, which cost up to $400. These prices do not reflect baggage fees, taxes, or other surcharge fees. If people have sky mile rewards, they can use those to receive a discount on their flights. International flights to Canada are more expensive at prices up to 650 pounds round trip.

Alaska Airlines is the most expensive for flights to Canada. Flying from the west coast to Canada on Alaska Airlines can cost up to $450 one way. Flying from the east coast will cost up to $250 one way. The best way to find cheaper flight deals are to buy a vacation package that will include air fare, accommodations, travel, and food for one price. People can also use Expedia, Price Line, and Orbitz to find the cheapest flight prices. For vacationers who want to attend the many festivals in Calgary, and other areas in Canada, the best months to fly are June and August. Prices for flights are under $300 one way from the west coast, and $120 from the east coast. Best places to see in Calgary are Canada Olympic Park, Canmore, Heritage Park Historical Village, Lake Louise, Scotsman Hill, Price Islands Park, Nose Hill Park, and Banff National Park.

US Airways and Continental Airlines have great flight deals for Canada to fly from the west coast into Alberta for less than $370 round trip. Flights from the east coast are cheaper at round trip flights for less than $350. West Jet Airlines is the most expensive flights for over $410. The most advantageous reasons to travel to Alberta is that they do not charge a Provincial sales tax. Alberta has the best ski resorts than anywhere else in Canada. The six ski resorts that vacationers do not want to miss are Nakiska, Sunshine Village, Mount Norquay, Marmot Basin, Lake Louise, and Castle Mountain. Alberta is also known for its majestic snow capped mountains that are as tall as sky scrapers. Other sights in Alberta are Dinosaur Provincial Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Jasper National Park, and Kanananaskis Country.

The best times to fly to Edmonton in Canada is June through August for the summer festivals. The best festivals to attend during the summer in Edmonton are CariWest, Taste of Edmonton, Edmonton Gay Pride, and Heritage Days. Flight prices from the west coast will cost less than $400 one way and from the east coast it will cost less than $350 one way. Edmonton has one of the tallest and inflatable movie screens at Movies on the Square, which is over three stories high. The best places to see in Edmonton are the Edmonton Corn Maze, Muttart Conservatory with four pyramids that are made out of glass. The pyramids have over two hundred different plant species with three different climates to help the plants grow.

The peak seasons in Canada give the best flight deals during the summer months, and into September and October. Flights can be found for under $500 for all flights from the east and west coast, and under 700 pounds for international flights. The off seasons are during the holidays where flights can go up to $1000 one way.

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