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Oregon Scientific Clock - An Inside Look at the Oregon Scientific Clock

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When you need to have up to date information on the current time down to the split second, you can rely on an Oregon Scientific clock to deliver the information that you need every time. This is because an Oregon Scientific clock takes advantage of cutting edge atomic technology to provide the current time from nearly anywhere on earth. All Oregon Scientific clocks receive constant updates of the federally recognized time in every timezone through an ongoing broadcast that is received from a transmission streaming from Fort Collins, Colorado. An Oregon Scientific clock automatically adjusts itself to take leap year and daylight savings time into account.

Oregon Scientific clocks are considered some of the most sophisticated timepieces on the market, and there are Oregon Scientific clocks designed to be used in virtually every possible application. From home and office atomic clocks to travel alarms and specialty devices, there is an Oregon Scientific clock available for just about everything. Some Oregon Scientific clocks have a very streamlined and clinical appearance, while other models of the Oregon Scientific clock are designed to fit into a wide range of interior design strategies.

One of the more popular models of the Oregon Scientific clock is the Oregon Auto-Rotating Wooden Projection Clock. The Oregon Auto-Rotating Wooden Projection Clock runs for between $100 and $130 and displays the precise current time on both the clock itself and through a projection upon the closest ceiling or wall. This Oregon Scientific clock is designed to rotate on either a vertical or horizontal axis 90 degrees so that an user can rely on having access to the display from nearly everywhere in a room. The clock is also able to display the current time on the wall or ceiling by projecting this information on with crisp red light.

Nearly all Oregon Scientific clocks are able to display a handful of additional information other than the current time. Most of these clocks have a high quality thermometer that reads the present room temperature, and there also models that come with a remote device that will measure the outdoor temperature as well. Other models are equipped with equipment that measure the current indoor and outdoor humidity and receive hourly updates on changing weather conditions from local weather station broadcasts. The projection atomic clocks make it easy to keep track of the current time throughout the night with a quick glance at the unimposing light projected on the ceiling above.

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