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Samsung Digital Camcorders - A Look at Samsung Digital Camcorders

mini-dv selecting the one you need the samsung f40 series samsung h204

As technology gets older, it gets cheaper. If you look at the prices of digital camcorders, say, ten years ago, it was clear that they were really for nobody other than Hollywood professionals. If you didn’t have several thousands of dollars to spend, then there was little you could do to afford one of them. Today, things have changed. These days, you can get Samsung digital camcorders for less than you’d spend on a month’s rent in a studio apartment.

This is great news for, well, basically everybody. If you ever had an idea for an independent film, if you ever felt like starting your own Youtube account, or if you just wanted a more convenient way of recording things for fun than using that old VHS camcorder, Samsung digital video cameras are a great way to put it on video.

So, let’s talk about how these cameras actually add up, how they perform and how to select one for purchase…

“Tapeless” Samsung Camcorders

“Tapeless” camcorders are digital camcorders that, rather than requiring a mini digital video tape, will record directly onto a memory stick, a memory card, a disc or some other storage medium. Others are hard-wired and record directly onto a hard drive stored right in the camera.

You’re probably wondering two things right now.

Firstly: How much do these things cost?

Secondly: Do the cheaper ones really look all that great?

Well, let’s put it this way… You ever see the movie “Crank: High Voltage”? One of the tapeless camcorders used on that film was a handheld rig that, at the time of release, cost them about a thousand dollars. A year later, the same camera cost five hundred.

How much that same camera costs now depends on where you buy it, but the point is that the technology is getting cheaper and cheaper, and if they can create affordable cameras capable of shooting at a full 1080p that’s good enough for a Hollywood film, then it should similarly be capable and powerful enough for independent features, home videos and Youtube clips.


Mini Digital Video cameras are considered a little outdated these days. They can’t store as much footage as a tapeless camera and only a few from Samsung, or any other manufacturer, are capable of shooting in true high definition. But, if you’re on a budget, or if you don’t really care about anything but getting a good, reliable camera, they still have their uses.

Selecting The One You Need

The camera you’re going to wind up buying has nothing to do with what’s the hottest camcorder on the market right now, and everything to do with your needs, what your priorities are.

Words you’ll hear tossed around are “consumer”, “prosumer” and “professional” when ranking the quality and capability of a camcorder. Now, no matter your needs, you probably don’t need to spend the thousands and thousands of dollars required for a “professional” camera. The line between consumer and professional gets blurrier and blurrier every day.

What you should be looking at is consumer and prosumer cameras. We’ll list a few of the top models below…

The Samsung F40 Series

The basic consumer models being offered by the company, the F40 series is incredible. The cameras are small enough to fit in your pocket, shoot in 4801 or 740 × 480 (standard definition, but GOOD standard definition), and can store on SD/SDHC cards, in addition to eight gigs of built in memory for the SMX-F43, or sixteen gigs for the SMX-F44 (the basic F40 has no built in memory).

This is perfect for anyone who just wants to record home movies, or the filmmaker on a budget, as you can literally buy this camera for less than you probably spent on your tires.

Samsung H204

The Samsung H204 is where it’s at for indie filmmakers and anyone trying to take some professional quality video.

Yes, we said professional quality video. This isn’t a professional camera, but you couldn’t tell the difference just looking at the footage.

Shooting at a true 1080, or 1920 × 1080 pixels, the H204 will gather footage to take advantage of every single individual pixel on a high definition television set.

Add to that sixteen gigs of built in memory, and you have a perfect “prosumer” grade camera pumping out professional grade footage.

These aren’t the only great cameras put out by Samsung, just two of the best.

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