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The term lease comes from the Latin laxare, which means to loosen. When adventurers lease a villa in the various regions of Italy, they come to loosen the soul and to slow down the mind in order to experience the sybaritic pleasures of Italy’s extraordinary cuisine and countryside. There are twenty distinct regions in Italy, and they all offer villas of varying degrees of luxury and sophistication. These are edifices that were built to span the millennia, with walls that can be two cubits, which in modern parlance is three feet thick. Most of these villas are ideal for groups of similarly-minded people who want to partake of the modern Roman world, with its arcadian countryside and numerous beaches of oceanic tranquility.


Italy encompasses a wide array of regions, with their own particular geographies and climates. In the far north is the Italian Alps. The region of Trentino has numerous villas for rent for those skiing aficionados who want to partake of the winter sports of Italy. The climate of Northern Italy is extremely cold in the winter, with snow falling from November to May. The Lombardy region is sheltered from the harsh, northern storms by the mountains. Milan is, of course, a city of extreme sophistication, and those who desire to partake of Milan’s haute couture can find stunning villas in close proximity to the city. On the eastern coast of this northern latitude lies Veneto, with Venice being its famous port city. Venice tends to be cold and foggy in winter, but is a particular delight in spring and fall. On the western coast in the region called Liguria is the Italian Riviera, which is on the Ligurian Sea. There are, of course, spectacular villas for lease in this fabled land, and there are far more modest villas in the surrounding countryside. Also on the Ligurian Sea is the famous land known as Tuscany. Because of its lush and strikingly serene topography, Tuscany has become perhaps the ultimate destination for villa leasing. The filming of a number of cinematically rich, English films in the area has added considerably to its mystique. Almost as popular with the Italian villa set is Umbria, which lacks an oceanic frontage but is none the less noted for its limitless charm. Lazio is, of course, the region of Rome, the three thousand year old village on the Tiber, and is surrounded by a huge number of magnificent villas that are quite leasable. Campania is the home of Naples, Surriento and the Neapolitan folk song. Calabria in the far south is a remarkable wine region that encompasses the petrified city of Pompeii. These area all have villas that range from small farm houses to extraordinary palazzos.

The climate of the south tends to be quite consistently hot in the summer and mild in the winer. The central areas of Italy can be very hot and humid in the summer and rather cold in winter. In the north temperatures are very cold in the winter with milder summers. In all the regions of Italy, the seasons most conducive to vacationing are late spring and fall. Prices on villa rentals can be fifty percent less and tourist congestion is far less. Mid-summer is the worst time to rent a villa in Italy. The temperatures and humidity can be extreme, and the Italians generally take their vacations at this time, resulting in numerous closed restaurants and businesses.


There are quite a number of agents in every region who facilitate the leasing of Italian villas. There should never be any charge for this service. The fees are paid by the villa owners. Using a broker can make the entire villa leasing process fairly simple, as compared with attempting to contact villa owners directly. Additionally, there is always someone in these agencies who speaks English, and the contracts are in English. These agencies also provide a representative to show the lessee the property when the party arrives.


Villas can run anywhere from five hundred dollars a week for a small, rural villa to tens of thousands of dollars for a villa on the Riviera. Typically, a large, stylish villa can be leased in Tuscany and Umbria for approximately two thousand dollars a week in the spring and autumn. A twenty five percent deposit is usually required. For a party of six, this comes to about fifty dollars per person per night. This is a rather reasonable price for leasing and releasing one’s Italian villa fantasies.

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