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Things To Do In Ny - Things to do in NY that make the city unique.

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There is no shortage of things to do in NY. In fact, that’s one problem tourists often have when visiting the city – there’s simply too much to do and see that it can be hard to get a good sense of the city as a whole. When looking for things to do in NY, check out the landmarks and places that have made New York famous, but also venture off the beaten path for the things that make NY truly special.

The first thing people typically associate with New York is that skyline. Distinctive and sweeping, the skyline of Manhattan is probably the most recognizable skyline in the world, largely due to two main buildings – the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. The Empire State Building is located at 5th Avenue and 34th Street. The 86th floor observation deck offers visitors views of the surrounding city that can’t be beat in Manhattan. The Chrysler Building is on Lexington at 42nd Street and is possibly even more distinctive than the Empire State Building, although it doesn’t seem to have the same iconic status as that building.

Although those are possibly the two most famous buildings in NY, they certainly aren’t the only ones worth looking at in terms of things to do in NY. The Flatiron Building is on 5th Avenue at 23rd Street and is a unique architectural find. The building is only six feet wide at its narrowest point and the framework is made of steel – which accounts for its name. Another unique NY building is the Citigroup Center, 53rd Street at Lexington. The building has a sharply sloped roof and is often visible in skyline pictures. The building also houses St. Peter’s Church, a small chapel tucked into one of the building’s cantilevered corners.

When deciding on things to do in NY, there are other icons of the city that immediately come to mind. The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan to the neighboring borough of Brooklyn. A great way to see the bridge itself and some amazing views of Manhattan is to take the pedestrian walkway across the bridge. Another thing unique to New York is the Statue of Liberty. The statue can easily be seen from Battery Park on the south tip of Manhattan, which is also where ferry tours of the harbor start and finish. All ferries visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island, so it can be a good way to fit more sightseeing into one trip. The views from Battery Park, however, are completely free and include the added benefit of the ambiance of the park; it’s a popular place for street performers, artists, and vendors.

It’s almost impossible to visit NY without seeing Central Park. And since the park is so big (it’s two and a half miles long and a half mile wide) there’s almost no end to what the park can offer someone looking for things to do in NY. The Carousel, located in the middle of the park at 65th Street, features almost 60 hand-carved horses, some of which are full-size. The Children’s Zoo is also a popular attraction and even includes a petting zoo. Central Park also houses a 22-acre lake that offers boat and even gondola rentals to visitors. And on the west side of the park at 72nd street is Strawberry Fields, the memorial for John Lennon.

Central Park may be the most famous of NY’s many parks, but it is by no means the only or the most interesting. Bryant Park is located behind the New York Public Library and is the only large park in Midtown Manhattan. The park offers free outdoor movies on Monday nights in summer and even has free wireless internet throughout. Washington Square is located at the south end of Fifth Avenue in the heart of Greenwich Village and is famous for the Washington Arch that guards the entrance, along with the chess players that have made the park their own.

It is the variety of things to do in NY that make the city such a diverse, interesting, and unique place to live and visit.

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