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Best Dating Services - A Guide to the Best Dating Services

eharmony site match okcupid

The Internet is peppered with a multitude of websites all claiming to host the world’s best dating services – but how can one tell the winners from the wannabes? If by “best dating services” one is simply referring to the most popular, old favorites such as Match.com no doubt clear the list, alongside eHarmony.com, and perhaps OkCupid.com. Match.com no doubt reigns as king in its category. With a whopping fifteen thousand subscribers and then some, this is the world’s largest and arguably best know dating site. Is it among the best dating services? Those fifteen thousand lonely hearts seem to think so. The website has garnered positive reviews for its easy navigation options, as well as its fantastic search options. Moreover, it caters to a highly diverse population, spoiling its users for choice. Experts with the site assist users with creating personal profiles. The can include up to twenty six photographs, in addition to an actual voice greeting, not to mention video streaming. Searching and browsing comes free of any cost, though a small subscription fee is charged for sending or answering e-mails, and additional fees pile up if a user wants mobile access.

Another tried and true superstar is the ever beloved eHarmony.com. Though not as large or expansive as Match.com, eHarmony.com offers the advantage of a more scientific-sounding or “guided” approach to dating. Whether or not this legitimately places it among the best dating services available to single people depends, of course, on personal tastes and preferences. More specifically, it makes use of what it calls “twenty nine dimensions of compatibility.” The website collects the data for these “dimensions of compatibility” through an exhaustive and comprehensive survey administered to all subscribers. After answering an impressive 256 questions, eHarmony.com’s users are treated the the site experts’ matchmaking process – saving impatient singles time and hassle in regard to finding their own partners. Supposedly, this allows the single and seeking subscribers to have compatible matches delivered to them on a silver platter – virtually speaking, of course.

However, the site isn’t without drawbacks – such as its slightly eyebrow-raising subscription price, which is actually even higher of the more popular Match.com. Then again, it does provide a more exhaustive matchmaking process that other similar sites often lack – so perhaps singles are getting their money’s worth. Another major drawback of eHarmony.com is that unlike most other sites counted among the best dating services, it only caters to straight couples. Single, lonely gay men and lesbians – or bisexuals, for that matter – are out of luck. That said, eHarmony has recently developed a spin-off site to amend this oversight. At the new daughter service CompatiblePartners.net, homosexual couples of both genders are matched up every day.

OKCupid.com appeals to many lonely hearts largely because unlike some of the more fancy and established dating services, OKCupid provides an entirely free service for members. Of course, there’s a price to be paid all the same – the pool of available members is noticeably smaller than that of either Match.com or even eHarmony.com, and unlike eHarmony.com, this dating service offers no real comprehensive means of matchmaking. All the grunt work of finding and dating potential partners, it seems, is left up to the hapless subscribers. That isn’t to say that OKCupid doesn’t make an impressive and highly effective online dating service in its own right. It works wonders for social networking, and in addition to connecting via standard profiles, it also includes discussion forums, and personality test, and even the option to take or create custom quizzes.

Naturally, while these three particular sites may no doubt be among the best dating services available on the wide world of the Internet, they are by no means the only acceptable means of virtual dating. Obviously, the worldwide web, true to its name and reputation, hosts a multitude of other venues. Although these three may be the most popular and best known in their category, there are others that may cater to more specific needs, interests, and tastes. Other solid options in terms of the best dating services include the Village Matchmaker, as well as the tongue-in-cheek PlentyofFish.com, and of course, Chemistry.com. All have garnered solid, positive reviews for accessibility and wide range of options when it comes to meeting new people of either sex.

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