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Grand National Buick - Why People Love the Grand National Buick

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Grand National Buicks are considered muscle cars. They are powerful, capable, and built to race. Especially when equipped with a turbo charged 3.8 engine. They are slick and sleek vehicles that can go from zero to sixty in less than one minute. Most Grand National Buick vehicles are used in NASCAR races. They come in many shapes and sizes, but most of the older Grand National Buicks are larger and longer shaped cars that look similar to a bullet. The trajectory of a Grand Buick can raise up to fifteen inches in the air before taking to the highway at fast speeds. Racing Buicks are able to beat the Nissan 412 HP super charger and the Dodge Viper at maximum speeds. A Grand National Buick that is built for great speeds will be equipped with full built pistons, steel cranks, scat rods, Jessel rockers, RJC pulley’s, BG intakes, alternators with high output, and innovative 76MM turbo’s. The tire rims will be twenty inch three piece rims with drag radial tires. This is a souped up Grand National Buick with a turbo charge that can reach up to 200 miles per hour, and take curves as if they were standing still.

Grand National Buicks have been some of the greatest production cars ever built. Most people who have to soup up their cars in order to race other vehicles can end up spending thousands of dollars. The Grand National Buick is already set up to race. It will have all of the necessary equipment in the vehicle ready to go. The most people would have to spend on modifications are a little over fourteen hundred dollars. In 1987, the Grand National Buick was considered the fastest car in the United States after winning the Manufacturers Cup in 1981 and in 1982, beating out mustangs, corvettes, and camaros with great ease. Just purchasing a wastegate that can be adjusted can give a Buick more boost. Every year car manufacturer’s have made The Grand National Buick better and better with new faster turbo engines, and other parts to give it more stability. It was not until 1983 that a new Grand National Sport Coupe Buick that was renamed the T-Type. The T-Type Buick Sport Coupes were equipped with Hydro Boost brakes, tube headers, bigger rear axle, and a faster four speed overdrive transmission. There were over three thousand and five hundred Sport Coupe vehicles produced and sold during 1983.

Each Buick belongs to a first, second, third, or fourth generation in the evolution of the vehicle. Buicks that were built from 1973 until 1977 are in the first generation. The type of Buicks that were built in the first generation were the Buick Regal, Buick Century, and Buick Colonnade Coupe and Sedan. From 1978 to 1987 came the second generation with the Buick LeSabre, and the debut of the Regal Grand National Buick NASCAR race car, T-Type, and GNX in 1987. The 1987 vehicles were equipped with a Garrett turbocharger and dual mufflers. They were also reprogrammed for a turbo Hydramatic transmission. These Grand National Buicks usually sold at a price of $29,000. When it comes to Grand National Buicks, NASCAR came up with the slogan that whatever car wins on Sunday, will sell the following Monday. This slogan was created because the manufacturer’s made their best sells after a car won a NASCAR race the previous day.

Race car drivers who buy the Grand National Buick will soup up their vehicles with paint and lettering. The paint can be pin stripes or fire symbols down the front of the vehicle. Racers were so proud of their cars that they wanted to make sure everyone in the world knew that their car was a Buick, so they would place lettering with the word Buick in pinstripes of red in billboard block letters. The interior of their cars were fitted with adjustable “Lear-Seigler” silver cloth seats. There were over two thousand and twenty sport coupe Grand National Buicks built in 1982, and all of them were sold within weeks, and they are still selling like hotcakes even today.

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