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Remington Electric Shaver - An Inside Look at the Remington Electric Shaver

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The name Remington has been pseudonymous with quality for generations, and Remington electric shavers are no exception. The Remington electric shaver has come a long way since the first models of these devices appeared during the middle of the 20th century. Remington Products was founded by E. Remington and Sons during the early 19th century as a firearm manufacturer and is widely recognized as being the first company to mass produce typewriters featuring the famous QWERTY keyboard. Today, Remington Products focuses almost exclusively on designing and distributing the Remington electric shaver, and this American based company continues to be a household name that is recognized around the world for its dedication to reliable and well-designed products.

One of the most popular lines of the Remington electric shaver is the Remington Flex 360. The Remington Flex 360 is a Remington electric shaver that offers three distinct flexible heads that ensures a smooth shave regardless of the shape of an individual’s face. These titanium coated blades are designed to last for decades and remain razor sharp for years of daily use. This Remington electric shaver has an ergonomically designed handle that is easy to manipulate as well as a handy pop-up trimmer that makes it easy for owners to trim their sideburns or mustache.

The Remington MicroScreen is another Remington electric shaver that enjoys a large share in the shaving industry for both men’s and women’s electric shavers. One of the features that make the MicroScreen a particularly popular Remington electric shaver is that they are incredibly easy to clean. Unlike other electric shavers that are on the market, the Remington MicroScreen can be completely cleaned by simply removing the blade guard from the device and holding under a stream of warm tap water.

Remington also manufactures some specialty shavers that are designed for individuals with sensitive skin and other unique needs. For example, the patented Remington UltraSmooth Shaving System offers an unparalleled level of shaving comfort for individuals who find that most electric shavers leave their skin feeling burned or agitated. Their are also some terrific Remington electric shavers available for travelers and busy professionals who need to be able to shave on the go. Both the Remington Dual Head Rotary Shaver and the Remington Battery Operated Travel Shaver are small enough to fit into a briefcase or carry-on bag so that owners can keep their 5 o’clock shadow in check no matter where their travels take them.

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