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Outdoor Porch Swings - Styles of Outdoor Porch Swings

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An outdoor porch swing can change the entire look of the front of a home, and can also add an enjoyable place to relax at the end of the day. One can sit on the swing and read a book, talk to one’s friends and family, or just watch the cars go past. Any of these activities are very desirable and relaxing at the end of a day, and porch swings are perfect for the task. With their gentle swaying and rocking motion, the swings will lull the user into a more relaxed state. They are comfortable and usable, large enough for multiple people while still being usable by only one. There are a number of different styles, and when looking for an outdoor patio swing, one should consider them carefully.

The first style, and one of the most common, is the wooden patio swing. These are varnished or finished with some sort of a clear coat, so that they shine in the sunlight. They add a very elegant style to the front of any house, and are even more at home if one owns a log cabin-style home near the forest. They hang from cables or chains from the roof of the porch or patio, so that they can swing with just the slightest momentum from a push. They often have slatted backs made from the same wood as the rest of the swing, so air can get through while the back stays strong. They are made of many kinds of wood, from cedar to mahogany, and they will last through many seasons even when out in the heart of the weather.

Another style of outdoor porch swing is the metal porch swing. These are often made from wrought iron, and have the look of a fence from one of the oldest and most beautiful of homes. These, as would be suspected, are very strong, durable swings. They will outlast other types of porch swings, as the weather will not affect them at all. They can hold heavy loads, and will not bend or break if they are not abused. The iron is protected against rust, and offers a place to sit for many years. The styling of many of these types of swings is beautiful, as iron can be shaped into all manner of designs, from flowers to tree branches to the straight beams of a wrought iron fence.

A third style of outdoor patio swing is the painted swing. These are in many ways similar to the wooden swing above, though they have not been finished with a clear coat, but with paint. They can come in many colors, though white is the most common. This gives the outdoor porch swing a very Victorian look, as if it would be at home on an estate in England, or in America in the 1800s. These swings offer the same comfort and durability as the wooden swings, with backs and seats that are not too hard, but will last for a long time. The paint protects against the rain and snow, and can be touched-up easily and quickly if it becomes scratched or damaged.

Fourth, there is the fabric porch swing. These usually have a metal construction, for all of the framework and the beams, and then have cushions and fabric draped over the top of that metal. This can provide for one of the most comfortable of choices, as the cushions can be so good that they are as comfortable as sitting indoors, on a sofa or a couch. The swings will often have fabric canopies over to top to help keep the rain off, though they may need to be moved inside seasonally, depending where one lives. This problem could be alleviated if the porch or patio has a roof over it, as that will provide for protection if the roof reaches far enough out from the swing that slanting rain cannot get under it.

All in all, one will be sure to find an outdoor porch swing to enjoy. These swings all have their benefits, and will all provide a satisfactory place to sit at the end of the day. Much of the choice just comes down to the buyer’s preference and the look of the home.

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