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Chevy 4x4 Trucks - Why People Love Chevy 4X4 Trucks

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Chevy 4X4 Trucks are some of the most popular vehicles for off road adventures. They come in many different types to choose from, such as Suburban, Tahoe, 1500 Chevy, Z71 Chevy, S-10 Chevy, Cheyenne, and K-5 Blazer. Most Chevy 4X4 trucks are off road vehicles that can be fitted with large monster truck tires. People love these types of trucks because of their power and strength of performance. They have been used for monster truck contests where thousands of people attend to watch. Chevy trucks are also great for towing other vehicles and trailers. In fact, there have been many towing tours created to prove how powerful and capable a Chevy 4X4 truck can be. Especially when towing another vehicle through treacherous roads. There are also Chevy Hybrid 4X4 Pick up Trucks and SUV’s. The hybrid 4X4s are much less used for towing purposes, and off road treks, but they save a lot more on gas. Chevy 4X4 Trucks are also popular tailgating trucks during foot ball games, and concerts. They are also built for off road camping trips. Owners can put a truck tent on the back of the truck and fit two to three people comfortably.

Most Chevy trucks are the Chevy 4X4 Lift Pick up trucks that will have extended cabs, two doors, two back passenger seats, four large tires, the 4X4 logo, and a towing mechanism in the back. The lifted trucks are built to have four large tires that will raise the truck up a few more inches in the air. The trucks can be in any color, but they will all be pristine and shiny. Other Chevy Lift pick up trucks will have a smaller cab, four doors, and four seats in the back. What gives the trucks its lift is the rims and stock suspension capabilities. They can come in 15 inch and up to 22 inch rims that can fit larger tires. The stock suspension can help a 4X4 truck drive through bumpy and treacherous roads where normal vehicles would experience wear and tear. The stock suspension hoists the body of the truck off of the ground, so that it does not bottom out on off roads that dip. Chevy 4X4 trucks are such a popular vehicle of choice that there have been over five million dollars worth of trucks sold on a monthly basis throughout the world.

Some 4X4 Chevy trucks have twenty-five inch triangular lifts that lift the body of the truck much higher off of the tires. These are more monster truck vehicles that are used for competitions, and off road treks. The axles on a 4X4 truck are strong enough to withstand the truck flying over hills through the air and then slamming down hard without creating a dent. Some of the favorite off road trips that a 4X4 is taken too are sand dunes. Many of the Chevy 4X4 trucks have a Chevy kit that includes coilovers and bypass shocks that will allow a lift height of five inches off the ground. The height of the vehicle can be adjusted through the coilovers. Five inches off of the ground can help a truck drive better on off roads, but anything over nineteen inches will give a truck limited mobility. The spindles is what allows a truck to pick up speed on sand while driving through the desert with ease. It allows bulletproof full suspension and droop travel while traversing through heavy sand. These best tires for these type of 4X4 trucks are thirty-seven inch race tires that are coiled around seventeen inch bead lock wheels.

Truck owners can customize their 4X4 trucks by adding safety features and kits for off road driving and racing. The best way to protect a driver if there is a roll over are Spider web chassis put underneath the roof of the vehicle. This will keep the roof of the truck from caving in on the driver. They are built tough with chromoly and DOM tubing. While racing, the trucks should be equipped with crow harnesses that are strapped in to keep the driver from flying around the vehicle in a roll over. When driving a Chevy 4X4 truck through rough terrain and treacherous hills and roads, it is important to make the truck as safe as possible. People love these types of trucks because of their performance and capabilities, which gives truck enthusiasts a chance to soup their trucks up to handle any driving situation.

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